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Brent Clair

Brent Clair farms about 750 acres of corn, soybeans and wheat near Loraine. He is also a private meteorologist, assisting the Adams County Emergency Management Agency with coordinated response before, during and after major weather events. He serves on the Adams County Farm Bureau Board, and is working to get his private pilot’s license.


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Fieldwork is transitioning to tillage. Lots of cornstalks are being worked under and quite a few rippers are working, taking advantage of the dry conditions. Dry fertilizer rigs are moving fast across the fields. Anhydrous is going hard and heavy to the north and a handful of rigs started to run in the middle of the county. Still a few acres of corn and beans standing, but weather should allow most of those acres to be completed by Thanksgiving at the latest.


Drizzle last week set those with soybeans back a few days, while corn shelling continues. Every day, a few more farmers are finally wrapping up. Tillage operations are starting to come alive, and those putting in cover crops are finishing up. For those still harvesting, please be careful. We had one accident last week where no one was hurt, but it could have been worse. Stay safe everyone.


I am pleased and blessed to say that harvest has been completed on the farm. Corn and soybean yields had some incredible highs and some expected lows. Neighborhood farmers are coming close to completion, yet others still have a long way to go. Starting to apply some cover crops and tillage. If there was one good thing about the rain, it has made the soil a little easier to work. To those still working hard to finish the harvest, continued prayers for your safety and completion.