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Brent Clair

Brent Clair farms about 750 acres of corn, soybeans and wheat near Loraine. He is also a private meteorologist, assisting the Adams County Emergency Management Agency with coordinated response before, during and after major weather events. He serves on the Adams County Farm Bureau Board, and is working to get his private pilot’s license.


We lucked out in our neck of the woods, but several farmers are still several hundred acres away from the finish line. With significant rains and cold temperatures, it’s going to be several more weeks before the 2018 crop is history for some. In addition, very little nitrogen got applied. With a fresh blanket of snow combined with saturated soils, it might be the sheds for the toolbars this fall. Needless to say, this has been a year for the record books. I'm reminded of the 8 inches of snowfall on Easter. With the dryness we had in June, I would have never guessed the yields we had. Our family has been richly blessed this year. My prayer for all of you is for 2018 to end on good terms with a safe and timely harvest, and that we experience more and more in 2019. God's blessings to you all from the Clair family.


And just like that, we are in November. We are very happy to report the crops are all harvested, the cover crops are all applied, and all that is left is to wash the machinery before putting it away. Anhydrous is starting to be applied in some areas as soil temps have been below 50 for a while now. Midweek rains stopped that quickly, however. It’s going to be touch and go this fall as to how much nitrogen gets applied as the soils are not drying out very quickly and rainfall is coming about once a week. For those who are still in harvest, my prayers and best wishes for a speedy completion.


After dodging some rain showers and breakdowns, I am happy to report harvest is completed for the farm. There are some wheat beans left to cut, but I consider those to be the appendix to the yearly novel. Despite the lack of rain, yields were impressive for non-GMO crops. Other neighbors are also enjoying a completed harvest, and just a scant few are getting small patches here and there. Fall cover crops are getting seeded, but with the lack of warmth in the forecast, it’s hard to see how they will turn out.


The sun has never looked so beautiful as it has after our deluge of rain last week. By midweek, soils had settled enough to let some combines roll again. It’s soft, but not sloppy in most places. There are spots that make you nervous, but thank God for four-wheel drive equipment. Corn is going good, but beans are drying out slowly. There’s a lot of optimism for completion by the end of the month for a few folks. As always, please stay safe out there. Everyone comes home alive.