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Brent Clair

Brent Clair farms about 750 acres of corn, soybeans and wheat near Loraine. He is also a private meteorologist, assisting the Adams County Emergency Management Agency with coordinated response before, during and after major weather events. He serves on the Adams County Farm Bureau Board, and is working to get his private pilot’s license.


I call it the days of the evil H's - Hazy, Hot & Humid. Storms have a way of dancing around the county, but no widespread coverage. Here on the ranch, we haven't seen a significant rainfall for weeks. Corn is really starting to fire in places. Beans still are looking healthy, but these last few days of upper 90s are not helping matters at all. I guess when it's time for certain county fairs, oppressive heat and humidity are expected.


There have been a few showers come close to the county, but nothing widespread or soaking. Corn has really taken a beating with the heat, but the cooler overnights are a big benefit. A large majority is in tassel, so hopefully better weather for pollination and fill will come soon. Not much to remark about soybeans so far, except beetles and dicamba are the biggest issues that are visible from the road.


A few lucky ones got some good, soaking rains last Wednesday, but it wasn't quite county-wide, unfortunately. Corn tassels are starting to be more prevalent. However, there is still a lot of variability across the fields. Big talk is about the beetles and gnats. Some are trying to spray, but reports are that the chemicals are not very effective. Soybeans are starting to pick up their pace. The 15-inch rows have closed canopy for the most part in many fields. The 30-inch beans are not far behind. From the air, though, a lot of yellow spots showing up. Second-cutting of hay is starting to commence in some spots. Grass and hay is still growing at a respectable rate despite the lack of rainfall. Now, only if Chicago could hear these poor crop ratings.


We finally saw some widespread showers move through the area midweek. Amounts varied, and some places could still use a good inch drink. I saw a few tassels start to poke out, but there is a lot of inconsistency in plant height in the same field. Starting to see a little nitrogen deficiency in places as a yellow tinge is beginning to show up. Soybeans are just as scattered. If you were really early, you look OK. Mid-May plantings are anywhere from full canopy to marginal. We won't discuss any of the replants. It is just a bad-looking crop as far as consistency. Wheat harvest is wrapping up, and for most, yields were good. Did not hear any big numbers, but did not hear any reports of rust or low test weight. I hope everyone is able to enjoy the Fourth, and appreciate our freedoms and blessings that we share as Americans!