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Brent Clair

Brent Clair farms about 750 acres of corn, soybeans and wheat near Loraine. He is also a private meteorologist, assisting the Adams County Emergency Management Agency with coordinated response before, during and after major weather events. He serves on the Adams County Farm Bureau Board, and is working to get his private pilot’s license.


Wet doesn’t begin to describe conditions right now. I had 8 inches of rain in my gauge since last week. Lots of terraces were at full capacity, drowning out some standing crops. With the cold weather, it’s hard to say when machines will start rolling again, at least those who can’t afford to tear up their fields with deep ruts. Sounds like it might be a long fall harvest this year. Stay safe, all.


Harvest progress had a steady rhythm last week. Preliminary estimates are corn yields in the 180 to 220 zone. For the beans, anywhere from 50 to 75. Obviously a very pleasant surprise for some of us. Some tragedy occurred last week. One combine caught fire, and one young man driving a tandem truck was involved in a deadly accident. He was not at fault and only received some minor cuts and bruises, but there will be mental trauma from this incident. While this was not directly related to agriculture, it is a constant reminder for all of us, drivers or farmers alike, to be ever so alert for one another. I find myself taking an extra five seconds sometimes just to make sure. Think about that this week; just a few more seconds. It might seem small, but in the end it could be a huge deal. Be safe everyone.


I believe all farmers have started some type of harvest operations. Moisture is still a hampering factor, with even early maturity beans having a hard time drying out. In addition, some areas received upwards of a quarter of an inch of rain Tuesday. There is a lot of variance in summertime rainfall, and this is reflected in the corn yield. Places that caught some rains are seeing some very impressive yields. The dry spots are seeing more average results.


Crazy how we are experiencing mid-90 temperatures this late into September. It has definitely hindered operations on this farm. More farmers are starting into their fields. Corn yields have not been confirmed, but they are decent considering the drought conditions we experienced in certain areas. Soybeans are ripening rapidly and a few fields have been cut. As I was reminded today, please take it easy and be careful. We will get the crop out eventually; let’s make it home safely.