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Brent Clair

Brent Clair farms about 750 acres of corn, soybeans and wheat near Loraine. He is also a private meteorologist, assisting the Adams County Emergency Management Agency with coordinated response before, during and after major weather events. He serves on the Adams County Farm Bureau Board, and is working to get his private pilot’s license.


Hard to believe that by next week it will be September. Crazy how this summer has flown by. Corn is turning rapidly. You can almost see the change daily. Ears are still upright and stalk strength looks good so far, so hopefully, it will stand till the combines roll. Starting to see some SDS in some soybean fields. No pattern is present at this time; it may be sporadic and not widespread.


Scattered showers crossed the area last week, and amounts were hit-and-miss. Soybeans are still growing and putting on pods. Incredible how they just keep coming on in places. Corn is turning fast. Starting to worry a little about the late-summer winds that can take down stalks quickly. The lower portions just look brittle. Hopefully, we can get by for the next few weeks. Harvest is coming fast.


Thanks to all who came out to our appreciation picnic last Thursday. And on behalf of all board members across the state, we really do appreciate all of you for your support of this great organization. I have heard at least one report of some corn being shelled in Hancock County. The ongoing worry is the errant hailstorm or windstorm that might blow through. We were not too far off from some bad winds that flattened some corn. As we move into the dog days of summer, things are a little slow, and with the heat, most are doing small projects here and there, but most are getting equipment ready for harvest. Won’t be long now.


We received a nice soaking rain a week ago Sunday. The bad part was that it was right in the middle of the county fair. While none of the livestock exhibitors complained a lot, the parking lot almost resembled a demo derby. Silage operations are getting ready to take place. More corn is denting, and some of the earlier varieties are maturing quickly. No doubt we will start to see combines roll by the end of the month. Recent rains are making soybeans grow another bunch of pods. Still lots of potential for those who got the timely rains. But still a lot of dry places that aren’t being told that will pull the county average down.