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Boone County

Brian Sisson

I've been working as a seed company District Sales Manager for the past 6 ½ years in North Central Illinois. The family farm operation is located in southeast Boone County, Illinois. The original home farm has been in my family since 1840. The family farm is a cash grain - corn/soybean operation. My father and uncle are the principal operators of farm. I am working my way into becoming a partner in the farm operation since I graduated from college in 2008.


Corn harvest is about 80 percent completed. Soybean harvest is about 90 to 95 percent done. Late-planted corn yields have been very disappointing. Reports of yields ranging from 120 to 175 bushels per acre are very common. The winter wheat crop continues to be in good shape. Stay safe this harvest.


No report


Soybean harvest is finally finished for many, and the area is more than 50 percent done on corn harvest. Soybean yields in Boone and McHenry counties were disappointing with whole-farm averages ranging from 40 to 50 bushels per acre. Yield levels in corn are above trend line, but are still running behind last year’s field averages. Some growers have started to apply fall anhydrous. Many are hoping to finish harvest sometime this week. So far, winter wheat looks to be off to a great start with very good stands. Stay safe this harvest.


Gary Greenlee filling in for Brian. We had good harvest weather through Saturday (Oct. 21). Less than 10 percent of soybeans left before rain Sunday (Oct. 22). Two rains Sunday and Tuesday amounted to a little more than 1 inch in western Winnebago County to 2 inches farther east into Boone County. Harvest started again by midweek. Corn about is 15 percent complete. Yields so far are in the 180s to 240s. Moisture has been around 20 percent as an average.