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Carroll County

Leroy Getz

owns the Lucky Clover Dairy Farm near Savanna and is one of our original Cropwatchers. He and his son, Ronald, milk 90 Holstein cows and raise their own replacement animals. They also grow corn, oats, and alfalfa hay.


November starts out with more rain, 1.2 inches. There are still many acres of corn and soybeans to harvest. If the cold weather comes, that might make ground hard enough to carry equipment. Low prices for livestock, milk and grain have hit all farmers this year. A new farm bill could make some difference, but there is no promise that will come. We must make plans for next year. Have a safe winter.


Rain of .8 inches Oct. 30 brings the October total to 7.7 and April thru October total to 38.85 inches. Harvest was stopped by Tuesday's rain. Only a few fields of soybeans remain. Wet fields are stopping combines from finishing cornfields that may not get done until the ground freezes. Tillage, applying lime and anhydrous ammonia are covering many farms. Our dairy cows just don't understand the time change.


Good harvest weather allowed many soybeans to be cut, while others made progress on corn. Still 30 to 35 percent in the fields. We finished Saturday (Oct. 20) in 50 mph winds. More fields now have downed corn. Those fields are suffering great losses of 10 to 30 bushels per acre. Cornstalk bales are not yielding as many as we need, so we are looking for more. We attended a closeout sale of a large dairy farm, and it is so sad to lose another dairy herd.


October can be a very changing month, colder than normal, frost and a few snow flurries. But the rains have stopped. Corn harvest moves forward and by Wednesday soybean cutting started again. Fields are still very soft or muddy, depending on the soil type. Soybeans are having quality issues with sprouts and dark beans. We were able to bale some stalk bales for bedding.