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Carroll County

Leroy Getz

owns the Lucky Clover Dairy Farm near Savanna and is one of our original Cropwatchers. He and his son, Ronald, milk 90 Holstein cows and raise their own replacement animals. They also grow corn, oats, and alfalfa hay.


Rain Wednesday and Thursday totaled 1 inch, bringing May’s total to 4.2 inches. Warm and wet days have helped the corn emerge. Population counts are nearly 100 percent, and in one of our fields, it’s 105 percent of our targeted rate. Whoops, we got it all a little heavy. There were many fields of corn and soybeans planted the first of the week before the rains. Storms that rolled through Wednesday night brought 70 mph winds, but only minor damage as a result.


Planting made good progress last Saturday (May 6) through Monday (May 8). We finished corn and spraying as did many others. Some beans have been planted. Rainfall Monday night through Wednesday amounted to 2 inches, but it varied from 1 inch to 4 inches of rain around the county. Corn that was planted more than two weeks ago is now coming up, and stands look good. There has been some first-crop hay chopped. It was a little short on yield, but had great quality.


April rainfall totaled 4.6 inches. The northwest corner of Illinois did not get hit as hard the first few days of May. I’ve only had 1.8 inches of rain. No fieldwork has been done all week, but I do think we may be able to run during the weekend. I did not get any hard rain, so there has been very little runoff. The cold temperatures produced frost Wednesday and Thursday mornings. Hay fields, wheat and rye are going fast. I talked to a beef cow producer who told me one of his cows just gave birth to her fifth set of twins -- that is 11 calves in six years.


We had scattered frost Sunday (April 23), but then drier, warmer days allowed much corn to be planted before the rains on Wednesday and Thursday amounted to 1 inch. We have 70 percent of our corn planted. I have seen some emerged corn on the sandy fields at Thomson -- also potato fields that are up. Sprayers have been busy keeping up with the planters. The colder, wet days will stop any fieldwork this weekend (April 29-30).