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Carroll County

Leroy Getz

owns the Lucky Clover Dairy Farm near Savanna and is one of our original Cropwatchers. He and his son, Ronald, milk 90 Holstein cows and raise their own replacement animals. They also grow corn, oats, and alfalfa hay.


Rain of 2.6 inches Wednesday and Thursday brings July’s total to 4.6 inches. As much as 4 inches fell in some areas with high winds and minor flooding. Violent lightning struck and killed some cattle in the county. Wind toppled an 85-foot cottonwood tree in our yard. Planes have been flying fungicide on corn and beans. Some wheat was combined, and our oats will be ready as soon as the ground dries up. We finished second-crop hay last week. Growing degree units now total 1,453.


Welcomed rain fell during three storms for a total of 2 inches. Some heavier storms left up to 2.5 inches in some areas with high winds and damage. Corn is growing rapidly, and most fields are now tasseling. Pollination will occur this week. Japanese beetles have reached the threshold stage, and soybeans are now being sprayed again. Hay cuttings of second- and third-crop continue.


I had no rain this week at our farm, but small showers did hit some areas. Hay cutting is a full priority as leafhoppers are starting to work on the alfalfa. Japanese beetles are increasing in numbers, but most damage is in noncrop areas. Tassels will soon emerge in the early cornfields. Soybeans are being sprayed again. Oat fields are turning color fast, as they usually ripen after the full moon in July, and ours have not blown over yet. Growing degree units are at 1,148.


Rain this week at 1.3 inches brings June’s total to 4.2 inches. Storms hit Jo Daviess and Stephenson counties Wednesday evening, June 28. Some wind damage and flash flooding occurred. A few wheat fields and rye fields were combined. Other fields that are not ready have lodged from the storms. Early-planted corn is nearing head-high while other fields are approaching chest-high. Soybeans continue to look better every day. A freak accident put our chore tractor in the shop this week when the flywheel came loose.