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Carroll County

Leroy Getz

owns the Lucky Clover Dairy Farm near Savanna and is one of our original Cropwatchers. He and his son, Ronald, milk 90 Holstein cows and raise their own replacement animals. They also grow corn, oats, and alfalfa hay.


We had .85 inches of rain Aug. 20 at my farm, but there were some 2-inch reports in the area. Water grasses are invading hay fields and lawns. I scouted some soybean fields, but did not find any mold. An area of sudden death syndrome (SDS) is appearing. Pod counts reveal 35, three-bean pods per stem on 4-foot tall beans. Corn is starting to change, but has not black layered yet. GDUs are at 2,409.


Rain on Wednesday of .4 of an inch and .3 of an inch Thursday. August total stands at 2.8 inches. While baling hay on top of a monumental hill, I could view many fields – no drone needed. Here in mid-August, fields are green and crops look as good as I have ever seen. Moisture tests on whole corn plants indicate it could be chopped for silage. Weather permitting, chopping will start this week. GDUs are at 2,256.


Carroll County Fair week and strong winds with small hail hit Sunday (Aug. 5). Small tree limbs came down with power outages. More rain Tuesday gave us a total of 2.1 inches. Corn should have adequate moisture to finish. GDUs now at 2,084 is 200 above average. Soybeans are very tall, but that doesn't mean more beans. Foggy mornings could develop molds, so scouting is required.


Dry week with .1 inch of rain Thursday morning. Good haymaking week. Aug. 1 corn yield checks of three varieties in four fields, all 105-day maturity, showed first-year corn on alfalfa sod, 216.9 bushels per acre (bpa); corn-on-corn with high organic matter, 227.3 and 221.9 bpa; and continuous corn, 216 bpa. Checks varied from 160 to 275 bpa. Some ears were denting and plant health looks good.