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Daniel Herriott

Daniel Herriott farms with his father, Steve, and his brother, Matthew. They grow corn and soybeans near Sidney in southeastern Champaign County. Daniel is a second-generation CropWatcher. Daniel also works in agribusiness, covering Champaign County and surrounding counties.


We continued to have a little more rainfall last week, which prevented most fieldwork. On Wednesday and Thursday, a few were out picking corn. About 5 percent of fields with either corn or soybeans still need to be harvested. In the county, we have seen an increased use of bags for storing corn along with new ground piles at the elevator. Overall, many experienced record-setting soybean yields and corn yields near the top of their five-year averages. All in all, it has been a good season, but we could use another dry spell to finish up harvest and get fall nitrogen applied.


Between Tuesday night and Thursday’s rain, we have had just shy of an inch of rain. Fall fieldwork will be halted for a while now. There are still a few scattered corn and bean fields to be harvested. Many of the fields are in the northern part of the county, due to earlier rains. The greatest portion of fall tillage has already been completed. There were a few anhydrous bars out running Monday. With more rain in the forecast, it will be a week or so before anhydrous season really gets going.


We had another great week for fall work! The majority of harvest is wrapped up, but there are still a few scattered fields of corn and soybeans left standing. We experienced very strong winds Saturday throughout the county. Some cornfields took the wind fine, while other fields laid half to the entire field flat. Elevators have continued to fill up to their maximum capacity along with creating new ground piles that they have never had before. Many elevators are closed until they receive a train. Lime spreading and fertilizer application has been in full swing for a few weeks now. Tillage work is also further along this year compared to others.


This week brought drier weather than the past weeks. Early in the week, only corn was harvested because of wet ground conditions. Soybeans were harvested in the latter part of the week. Most cannot get started until noon because of the frost at night. I do not believe bean moisture is getting below 13 percent with the current weather. During the past week, great progress has been made with field tillage. I have seen a few fields of cover crops get a great start this year with an early harvest. If the weather holds, harvest should get nearly wrapped up in a week.