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Champaign County

Daniel Herriott

Daniel Herriott farms with his father, Steve, and his brother, Matthew. They grow corn and soybeans near Sidney in southeastern Champaign County. Daniel is a second-generation CropWatcher. Daniel also works in agribusiness, covering Champaign County and surrounding counties.


Here we are mostly finished with the 2017 crop year. Tuesday, we received rain which put a halt on fieldwork. Many guys are 75 percent or more done with fall fieldwork. Overall, the area had another year of strong yields in corn and soybeans. There were pockets that had their best year ever, and others that missed some rains that caused them to have well below-average yields. Many are surprised that their replant was just as good, if not better, than their first planting. It was certainly a strange year that brought many challenges we will remember for a long time. Thank you for following me, and I hope to write to you next year!


Fields temporarily dried off enough last week to finish corn and soybean harvest. Others are back to fall tillage. Anhydrous season has been slow to start, but I would anticipate more to be applying before the weather turns again. There are very few crops in the field in the southern part of the county. As you travel north, there is still a fair amount of corn in the fields and some beans as well.


Much of the area is down to the short rows of harvest, if they have not finished yet. Spotty rain showers have not made it easy to wrap up harvest. Last week, some of the local elevators filled up with corn and closed, as they try to fill trains to make some more space. Tillage work is in full swing with significant portions of the ground already worked. As ground temperatures dropped, some anhydrous was put on. Fall anhydrous season is not in full swing yet, as I believe most are waiting to see if the cooler weather is here to stay.


During the past week, it has been rainy and cold. Many farmers were able to finish harvest, or come close during the weekend (Oct. 21-22). It started raining Sunday. During the next few days, Sidney received nearly 2.5 inches of rain. The ground has firmed up enough for some to start picking corn again. A great portion of the corn left was replanted or planted late. Fortunately, there are very few beans left in the fields as we are looking at a cold and cloudy forecast ahead.