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Daniel Herriott

Daniel Herriott farms with his father, Steve, and his brother, Matthew. They grow corn and soybeans near Sidney in southeastern Champaign County. Daniel is a second-generation CropWatcher. Daniel also works in agribusiness, covering Champaign County and surrounding counties.


Harvest activity picked up last week. By Monday, everyone was in the field combining either corn or soybeans. During the past week, corn moisture has gone from about 19 down to 15 percent. Soybeans have continued to mature, but the full-season beans have not been cut yet. I would estimate that harvest in the county has moved to 10 to 20 percent complete.


Last weekend (Sept. 8-9), county rainfall was mostly between 3 and 5 inches. We were fortunate the rain came steady over a couple of days, rather than all at once. Surprisingly, most of the rain soaked in without widespread flooding. Toward the end of last week, more harvesting started. Many of the beans are ready now or will be within the week. As the ground firms up, harvest activity will quickly be in full swing.


Harvest has slowly started across the county. The early planted Group II soybeans have started to be harvested. Once we dry out from the coming rains, I believe the early Group III soybeans will be ready. Some of the late IIIs and IVs are still very green. A handful of cornfields have been harvested. Most farmers are waiting for the corn to dry down more. The 114-day corn I hand shelled earlier in the week was still in the mid-20’s. I believe field activity will increase greatly towards the end of this week if we do not receive too much rain.


Last week .5 to 1 inch of rain moved through the county. Full-season corn has started to black layer over the past few days. Corn that was sprayed with fungicide certainly has stayed green and alive longer. There are reports of hand-shelled corn getting into the low 20s now. Combines have not started to roll yet, but I am sure that a few will start after the holiday weekend. More soybeans have continued to turn. The early Group II appear to be about two weeks or less from being ready. The late Group III and IV have not started to turn yet. August rains have appeared to fill all of the pods well this year.