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Champaign County

Daniel Herriott

Daniel Herriott farms with his father, Steve, and his brother, Matthew. They grow corn and soybeans near Sidney in southeastern Champaign County. Daniel is a second-generation CropWatcher. Daniel also works in agribusiness, covering Champaign County and surrounding counties.


Last week brought some cooler weather that has me more in the mindset of fall. Most of the county received anywhere from 1 to 2 inches of rain. Our beans greened up a little more with the rain, as they still work on pod fill. The early beans have continued to turn, while the full-season beans are still green. Corn has continued to creep towards black layer. Our full-season corn is still in the dough stage, but the heat this week will surely move us closer to harvest.


Another week with just one day of spotty rain. Most received just a few tenths, with the most rainfall at just over an inch. Sidney only received about a quarter of an inch. Corn has continued to cannibalize with lack of moisture in the ground. I have yet to pull an ear that has black layered. Some of the early maturity beans are starting to turn, while the mid-group 3’s are tinting and dropping some of the upper leaves. Soybeans are working on filling out, but some of the upper pods are still flat with lack of rain during the past two weeks.


Early last week, the trend of spotty rain continued. Monday night brought storms through the northern part of the area that kept the rain north of I-74. Rain totaled 2 to 4 inches between Dewey and Penfield. We barely had enough to wet the pavement just south of the interstate. Corn is really turning the corner toward the finish line. Much of the corn is firing at the bottom of the plant as areas run short of moisture. Soybeans are in need of another rain or two to finish out. Their appearance is starting to change, but I have yet to see any yellowing.


Rain showers have become spotty again. Sidney was lucky enough to catch .8 of an inch last week. Corn and beans have continued to mature. The earliest corn is starting to dent. Cornfields that were not sprayed and susceptible to disease have been overtaken by gray leaf spot. I have yet to see any soybean fields starting to turn. Currently, they are working on pod fill.