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Daniel Herriott

Daniel Herriott farms with his father, Steve, and his brother, Matthew. They grow corn and soybeans near Sidney in southeastern Champaign County. Daniel is a second-generation CropWatcher. Daniel also works in agribusiness, covering Champaign County and surrounding counties.


Crops are continuing to progress quickly! Early corn is about 6 feet tall and only three to four leaves away from tasseling. Soybeans are just over knee-high as they are currently in full bloom. The week of June 11-17, Sidney had nearly 6 inches of rain, and last week we received 1.75 inches. Some of the ponds have completely drowned out, but there has yet to be a chance to spot them in. We are now suffering from phytophthora in many soybean fields. Damage is mostly in the lower areas, but in other cases, the disease is throughout the field. Wheat harvest has not started yet, even though it has hit maturity. Storms have knocked down much of the wheat and pushed back harvest. A short spurt of drier weather would certainly be welcomed.


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It has certainly been a wet week! Over the last weekend, the county saw rain fall anywhere from 3 inches to nearly 6 inches of rain. We were fortunate that the rain came over a three to four day period. Until we received this rain, the ponds were looking than they ever had! Much of the lower areas in the fields now have light green or yellow beans. We had nearly 6 inches of rain in Sidney. We and some of the neighbors will have some ponds to replant when it drys out. The corn is currently chest high and mostly at the V9 growth stage. It will be hard to tell how the standing water will affect the corn, as it has been difficult to see how much water was standing in the field. The soybeans are knee high and starting to shade in the 15" rows well. The little bit of the wheat that is in the area is starting to turn. I would anticipate wheat harvest being here in just a couple of weeks.


Rain has continued to be very spotty. The southwest part of the county has continued to miss out on the majority of rainfall. Southwest of Sadorus has been especially dry. Yards and the crops remind me of a more typical dry period in July. I would say the majority of post-bean spraying has now occurred. Corn has completely shaded over the rows, as it continues to grow rapidly.