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Coles County

Todd Easton

Todd Easton raises corn, soybeans, and wheat on his farm near Charleston.


Corn pollination is practically complete in Coles County cornfields, and it appears the crop has cleared that all-important hurdle in good shape. I believe, barring hail or locusts, we are on track for an exceptional corn crop. Soybeans are faring much better as of late, with many fields in the crucial R3 stage with sprayers out wading through many of them applying fungicides and insecticides. Many of the barren ponds have been replanted to at least get some cover or shade out weeds. As we complete our final passes in the fields, our area is moving into its annual string of fairs, festivals and shows. I would encourage you to come out and join in on the fun, and be part of what I believe is rural America at its finest.


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We have reached the VT stage in corn, with some fields silking. A quick walk in about any part of most fields has shown some gray leaf spot and other bad stuff showing up on plants. I heard the first air tractor buzz and saw the first tall sprayer swimming between the rows. Our Miller is rolling out the door. With this much potential, I believe it’s worth protecting. Soybean fields are recovering from the big rains. I hope they shake it off soon and get some height to them. Most 30-inch rows are still a third of the way from closing in. Next week should see a lot of corn pollination. Have a wonderful Independence Day! God Bless America!


The tides from the week of June 11-17 receded, but the damage is done, especially in bean fields. The late V stage corn (7-10) was able to tread water and not show much effect yet. Not only did we lose considerable soybean acres in low spots, but many fields showed symptoms of disease, generally phytophera root rot. Soybeans that have been able to avoid the aforementioned plagues look good as they grow into the V4-5 stages. Some combines have started working into the limited wheat crop, finding yields up to the 80-bushel range. Overall, corn is setting pretty good.