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Ryan Frieders

Ryan Frieders is a second-generation Cropwatcher. Ryan and his father, Ron, grow corn and soybeans on their farm near Waterman.


It was a hot and dry on the farm last week. Corn pollination is in full swing for all of our acres. I have been monitoring insect pressure and silk clipping. Airplanes are starting to fly fungicides on early acres. The beans are growing as well. Thirty-inch rows are filled in. It is time for us to spray fungicide on beans. Wheat harvest is in full swing and people have been baling and taking advantage of the dry days.


The week was dry at our farm, except for a few stray showers. The hot weather has been stressful on the corn during pollination. Soybeans have been growing, but showed signs of herbicide stress as well during the heat. After the solstice, the days are quickly becoming shorter.


Fields dried out, and we finished spraying post-herbicide on soybeans. The preplant program that we used for soybeans worked very well this year. Corn continues to grow. We have been working on equipment, and cleaned up the spring equipment and put it away.


Showers have been very spotty, with some areas getting excessive rain while other fields nearby received very little. Soybeans need to be sprayed for weed control, but soil conditions are waterlogged. Corn is about chest-high. Wheat is starting to turn and will soon be ready for harvesting.