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Ryan Frieders

Ryan Frieders is a second-generation Cropwatcher. Ryan and his father, Ron, grow corn and soybeans on their farm near Waterman.


Thank you to all the Veterans who have served our country. Last week was a mixed bag of weather. Last weekend, we received more than an inch of rain. After that, the ground dried enough to harvest corn and start tillage. I have never wanted a mud hog combine more than this year. There are still many bean fields waiting to be cut and a lot of corn. I did see some anhydrous being put on, but most of that work is yet to be done. As it gets later and later, we pray for one last lucky weather break for this year.


Field conditions improved enough so we could begin harvesting again. Depending on drainage in the field, some soybeans were harvested, and some corn has been done. Crop conditions have not declined so far, and moisture for the corn has decreased, which has helped with harvest. We were also able to apply some dry fertilizer and do some fall tillage. More rain is forecast during the weekend. So, once again, we will wait and see what happens.


Hurry up and wait has been the theme for harvest. Fields dried out, and we started harvesting last weekend (Oct. 21-22) only to get stopped by more than 2 inches of rain. We are getting very efficient at switching the combine from corn to soybeans and back. Field conditions are the worst we have had in many years. We had a strong frost Thursday morning with another in the forecast, so I am hoping for an extended Indian summer to begin very soon. Harvest has progressed to 50 percent soybeans and 30 percent corn complete.


In the last week, we got all the rain we needed during the summer in two days -- 8 inches of rain soaked our fields and brought fieldwork to a screeching halt. Combines have been parked for almost a week as fields dry out. Harvest progress is very slow. There is also more rain forecast for the weekend. Soybeans are very brittle from the wet weather, and the corn is not drying down because of all the moisture.