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Ryan Frieders

Ryan Frieders is a second-generation Cropwatcher. Ryan and his father, Ron, grow corn and soybeans on their farm near Waterman.


In the last week, we got all the rain we needed during the summer in two days -- 8 inches of rain soaked our fields and brought fieldwork to a screeching halt. Combines have been parked for almost a week as fields dry out. Harvest progress is very slow. There is also more rain forecast for the weekend. Soybeans are very brittle from the wet weather, and the corn is not drying down because of all the moisture.


We finally got that much-needed rainfall we could have used one month ago. Harvest was just getting into full swing and whammy, more than 3 inches of rain in a couple days. The grass and trees definitely appreciate the moisture before cold temperatures sink in. Now it will take some time before we are back in the fields. In the meantime, we have been working on equipment and planning next year’s crops.


We are still waiting for it to rain any significant amount. It is terribly dry. Harvest has started. We have been combining corn with moisture between 21 to 30 percent. Yields are down from last year. Soybeans are also being combined in the area. Yields have been reported between 45 to 65 bushels. The lack of rain for the last six weeks definitely hurt our crops. However, the warm weather has been wonderful for working outside.


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