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Ryan Frieders

Ryan Frieders is a second-generation Cropwatcher. Ryan and his father, Ron, grow corn and soybeans on their farm near Waterman.


Showers have been very spotty, with some areas getting excessive rain while other fields nearby received very little. Soybeans need to be sprayed for weed control, but soil conditions are waterlogged. Corn is about chest-high. Wheat is starting to turn and will soon be ready for harvesting.


We had 3.5 inches of rain, so not a lot of fieldwork has been done. Corn rows have filled in completely and soybeans are growing quickly as well. We have stayed busy hauling grain to the river and have begun the task of cleaning up the planter. Neighbors also started mowing ditches.


It has been dry and windy this week. Crops are showing their first signs of moisture stress. We finished our corn herbicide post-application and are now waiting for the soybean post-spraying to begin. A lot of sidedressing of nitrogen was done last week. Corn rows are nearly closed in, and corn is over knee-high. Soybeans are from just emerged to 9 inches tall. Hayfields have been cut and baled for the first time this season.


We had a run of dry weather and most of the planting in the area wrapped up last week. We started post-herbicide application in corn. A lot of sidedressing of nitrogen is being done. When Alberto blew through our area, we received .7 of an inch of rain. Some areas locally saw a lot more rain and some received none. Corn and beans are growing very quickly, but so is the grass in my yard and the weeds in the field. All will get taken care of in due time.