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Fayette County

David Schaal

David Schaal raises corn, soybeans and wheat near St. Peter in Fayette County.


No rain to report last week. The heat has returned. Farmers continue to scout fields. Japanese beetles are still hanging around along with small grasshoppers in the soybeans. Fungicides are starting to be applied on some of the earlier maturing soybeans. Producers also continue to be cleaning grain bins, roadside mowing and odd jobs around the farmsteads. Crops are still looking good in the area, except for low-lying areas that had water damage. Fayette County Fair is going on this week in Brownstown.


We received a little more than an inch of rain since my last report. Low-lying areas have drowned out, but the upland prairie and hills look good to excellent. Last week, it looked like an air show with the airplanes and helicopters applying fungicide on corn. The need for fungicide is getting real close for some soybeans, too. Still seeing some Japanese beetles along with several small grasshoppers. When it's time for the fungicide application, insecticide will definitely go in and hopefully eliminate their feeding. Farmers cleaning out grain bins along with some mowing and a lot of crop scouting. Everyone stay cool and have a swell week.


I received about 2.5 inches of rain. Wind accompanied it, which wasn't pleasant for the corn. Some corn appears to be broken up high, maybe even above where ear placement will be. A lot of corn is in full tassel. Some bean fields are chewed up on the outside edges, I think due to Japanese beetles along with small grasshoppers. Japanese beetles seem to be a little worse this year. Beans in low lying areas show dramatic water damage. Higher ground and rolling acres look excellent. Everyone is saying you grow more in a wet year than a dry year. Our markets seem to be reflecting that. The heat is on, so everyone stay cool.


I received .6 of an inch of rain since my last report. On Tuesday evening, areas of the county had up to 5 inches. Crops in the immediate area look pretty good. Our corn is beginning to throw tassels. Corn has grown faster this year than I have ever seen it. In our area, we were a little dry earlier, and then caught some showers and the corn exploded in the heat. Still some post soybean spraying going on. Wheat harvest is over. Yields from 50 to 90 bushels and test weights a little on the low side. Some producers thinking of applying fungicide on corn in the near future. Farmers around the area are doing some mowing, cleaning equipment and cleaning out grain bins. Have a good week.