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Fayette County

David Schaal

David Schaal raises corn, soybeans and wheat near St. Peter in Fayette County.


We received a little more than 1 inch of rain, which came Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. Up until then, still some tillage going on, along with spraying of fall fertilizer and some lime. After that rain event, everything came to a halt and we’re probably done for the year. It has been another interesting growing season from getting into the fields early and getting the majority of the corn planted and then 12 inches of rain and getting to do a lot of it over for the second time. Then, going through a dry August. But it all turned out better than most thought. Wheat in the area looks good to excellent. Everyone have a safe winter and Happy Holidays. Hope to see you all next spring.


We received about .5 of an inch of rain since last report with the majority of that coming Monday (Nov. 6) and Tuesday morning. Harvest in the area is complete. A lot of lime spreading being done, along with fall fertilizer and some spraying. Tillage and some dirt work is going on. Wheat that was sown in this neck of the woods looks good to excellent. Farmers are winding down, cleaning equipment and trying to figure out a marketing strategy. Prices are low and a lot of crop lying around. Hope for a little upward surge in the market. Everyone have a good week.


It was a chilly, damp week around here until Thursday when temperatures rose back to above normal. Rainfall didn't amount to that much, but it halted harvest that is still left in the area. Fall fertilizer is going on, along with a lot of lime application. Fall tillage is on a lot of people’s minds, along with roadside and waterway mowing. Farmers are also washing and cleaning equipment, and putting it in the shed for the winter. Everyone is hoping grain prices will make a rally and sales can continue. Farmers and applicators are still on roadways, so pay attention and be safe.


Sunday night (Oct. 22) and Monday morning (Oct. 23), we had a welcomed rain. My gauge caught 1.6 inches of rain. It hampered harvest. Corn shelling resumed Tuesday afternoon. A lot of producers are finishing harvest. If it does not rain anymore, some fall tillage will continue. As dry as we were, the soil really soaked up the precipitation. It is a good time for the limestone that is being applied to go down. Along with that, fall fertilizer is being spread. Some dirt work is also going on. Due to our 10 to 12 inches of rain in the spring, the wash gullies are being fixed. Grain prices have been flat. A lot of corn is piled at the elevators. Have a safe week.