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Fayette County

David Schaal

David Schaal raises corn, soybeans and wheat near St. Peter in Fayette County.


Almost an inch of rain in the gauge here since last report. Fields are saturated. Most crops are harvested, other than a few cornfields. There are also some double-crop beans to harvest. Farmers who have finished have been cleaning harvest equipment along with tractors and tillage equipment because I think fall fieldwork is over. With the cooler-than-normal temperatures, soils aren't going to dry out much more. It has been an interesting year being a CropWatcher with all the rain to report almost every week. Next year, I'm betting it will be different. Until then, everyone stay safe and happy holidays to all. We'll see you in 2019.


More rain to report. We received .8 tenths of an inch Oct. 26, and 2.2 inches Wednesday and Thursday. As this report is going in, it is still raining. Creeks are bank-full. We are over 38 inches for the year. Most farmers have finished, but there are a few that have just a little bit to go. Even after the Oct. 26 rain, with warmer temperatures and wind we had on Sunday, producers were back to doing tillage and fertilizer application Monday. Hopefully, it will quit raining and the ground will settle so those with a bit of crop left in the field will be able to finish. The Thursday soybean rally was good. Hopefully, the market will follow on through. Big crop lying around though, so we will see. Everyone have a safe week.


Several farmers are beginning to wrap up harvest. The big deal for the week was chasing local elevators that were receiving grain. Several are full, and either waiting on trucks or railcars. A lot of fall tillage is going on, along with fertilizer and lime applications. Wheat stands seem to be excellent. As farmers begin to wind down with harvest and continue with fall tillage and cleanup of equipment, everyone be safe.


Harvest rolls on. But with light rains and misty weather Oct. 13-14, soybean harvest was halted. Soybean harvest resumed on Wednesday. Several spent a couple days shelling corn. Wheat sowing is going on. A lot of fall fertilizer is being applied. Fall tillage is also beginning to pick up. Some farmers have ruts they need to fill in. Overall, harvest is progressing very well. Yields still seem to be very good, except in those areas with water damage. A few guys are getting close to being finished, but still a lot of crops to be harvested in the county. Along with the good yields, the local elevators have quit taking corn or soybeans or both for a short period of time. As harvest and fall work continue, everyone needs to be safe in the field and on the roads. Have a safe week.