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Fayette County

David Schaal

David Schaal raises corn, soybeans and wheat near St. Peter in Fayette County.


No report this week.


Had some rain that swirled in Wednesday evening from the east. It left .35 tenths in the gauge here, but there were places north and northeast that received more than 2 inches, while other areas in the county had virtually nothing. Crops, for the most part, look pretty good. A lot of corn is now tasseling except for that which was replanted, but it is looking good also. Markets made a little rally after the report, and a lot are hoping it hangs on and goes a little higher. Farmers are catching up on odd jobs, along with roadside mowing and yard mowing. Until this last little splash of rain, yards were beginning to show some dryness stress. Post-spraying of beans has almost come to an end, but not sure everything is going to be killed. Have a safe week.


It’s been a quiet week around here as far as the weather. Early corn that was planted around Easter is beginning to tassel and shoot ears. Still some soybean spraying going on. No pest problems to report other than a few Japanese beetles. Farmers cleaning equipment and doing some mowing. Everyone have a happy and safe July Fourth.


I have received 1.5 inches of rain since last report with most of that coming early on Father’s Day morning. The rain was not the main event with that storm. The county encountered winds of more than 70 mph. There were trees uprooted or snapped off, power lines down, broken power poles, roof damage, and several grain bins blown down or away. People were without power for more than 36 hours. Some of the bigger corn in the area snapped off at the ground, and the rest had a pretty good lean to it, along with leaves riddled from the wind. Soybeans that were no-tilled into standing cornstalks also took a beating due to the cornstalks blowing across them so hard. It almost looked like they had been hailed on. A lot of post-spraying going on the soybean crop now. Some of the soybeans that were planted a couple of weeks ago that ran out of moisture are still emerging after the recent rains. Some of the bean stands were a little spotty, but now maybe they will fill in. I have to agree with Doug Uphoff from Shelby County -- we need to thank our readers for the comments we get for doing this. Have a safe week.