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Fayette County

David Schaal

David Schaal raises corn, soybeans and wheat near St. Peter in Fayette County.


Harvest is progressing at a rapid pace. Light rain Wednesday slowed soybean harvest, but people were back at them Thursday afternoon. There's a handful of farmers beginning to wrap up harvest, but some have several acres to go. I'm finished with soybeans, but have a little corn left. It is on low ground and conditions are wet. Yields overall are good to excellent. Stay safe.


Harvest is progressing, but seems like a slow pace. Still fighting downed or tangled up corn, and farmers cutting beans are running into leaning and lodged beans, which slows cutting speed. People are harvesting corn and beans in one direction due to lodging. Along with the downed crops, some are fighting soft field conditions. I tried shelling our last field of corn Tuesday and had to quit. I could not get through it. On top of that, we received another 1/2 inch of rain Thursday morning. Ruts are going to be everywhere now if weather does what they say. Still quite a bit of harvest left. Some farmers are getting close to being wrapped up with corn. Have a good and safe week.


We received 2.7 inches last week. Fields are totally saturated, and harvest is delayed. Some combines attempted to pick corn Thursday. I saw a picture of a combine stuck in the area. Water is sitting in the fields. Harvest is very slow in this neck of the woods. Yields for corn and soybeans are pretty good. We don't need anymore rain till the end of the year. Everyone stay safe.


Weather has been really hot and humid for this time of the year. Maybe after all the rain we had from Hurricane Gordon and a front that moved through a couple weeks ago, it might have been good that it has been that hot. Harvest is in full bore. Hot temperatures really brought corn moisture levels down. A lot of producers are shelling 15 to 18 percent corn. Yields for corn and soybeans seem to be pretty good. As farmers are on roadways, be considerate as they are moving machinery from field to field.