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Fayette County

David Schaal

David Schaal raises corn, soybeans and wheat near St. Peter in Fayette County.


We had a dry week here, and harvest continued in the area for those who have not wrapped up. I finished harvest Friday, and there are several producers getting finished or on the downhill slide. Weather has been great for harvest to continue. Some fall spraying has occurred, along with fall fertilizer being applied. Fall tillage is also beginning to ramp up. Field conditions are still extremely dry for this time of year. Many would like to see a good rain to proceed with tillage. As far as overall yields in our area, I think most would say a little bit better than expected. For no more rain that I received around home during the summer, crops were good. As harvest and fieldwork progresses, pay attention on roadways and be safe.


Late Monday night, we received 0.4 of an inch of rain. Every morning since then has been foggy, or we've had light drizzle. There has been no bean harvest since Monday, and it has delayed corn harvest till the afternoon hours. I would say beans are 90 to 95 percent harvested. There is still some corn to come out, but it is disappearing in a hurry. If the weather stays for a week or so, everything will be history for 2017 harvest in our area. The crop report Thursday gave us a jump in the bean market, and lowered the yield a bit. We'll see how this pans out. As harvest is on the downhill slide, everyone stay safe and pay attention to machinery on the roadways.


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Dry, dry, dirty, dirty. That is the scoop around here. As I cut beans Thursday evening, there was dust across the fields as far as you could see. Harvest is in full swing with most farmers cutting soybeans along with a few that are shelling corn. Soybeans are extremely dry at 8 to 9 percent moisture. Along with that, the yields are a little better than most thought. Moisture on the April corn is down around 14 percent, and May corn is getting in the 17 to 19 percent range. As farmers are up and down the roads, everyone slow down, be safe and happy harvesting.