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Fayette County

David Schaal

David Schaal raises corn, soybeans and wheat near St. Peter in Fayette County.


I received .6 of an inch of rain since my last report. On Tuesday evening, areas of the county had up to 5 inches. Crops in the immediate area look pretty good. Our corn is beginning to throw tassels. Corn has grown faster this year than I have ever seen it. In our area, we were a little dry earlier, and then caught some showers and the corn exploded in the heat. Still some post soybean spraying going on. Wheat harvest is over. Yields from 50 to 90 bushels and test weights a little on the low side. Some producers thinking of applying fungicide on corn in the near future. Farmers around the area are doing some mowing, cleaning equipment and cleaning out grain bins. Have a good week.


We have received about 5 inches of rain, with most of that coming Tuesday morning, along with a lot of thunder and lightning. Rain amounts varied from 3 to 7 inches in the county. Low-lying areas and creek bottoms flooded. There was also some hail that did some damage to crops. Heavy rain laid some wheat fields down. A few producers have started harvest. Some say it's just okay, and some say it's not as good as expected. In the Kaskaskia river bottom, there is some corn that will be lost and some beans to be replanted. Rain makes grain, though, and on a whole, the crop is looking pretty good. The rug continues to be pulled out from under us on the grain markets. Have a good week.


Had 0.35 of an inch of rain since my last report, which came June 2. The heat has kicked back in, and when that happens, we need moisture to go along with it. Corn has started rolling up in the lighter spots of the field to protect itself, but early morning and late evening, corn on a whole looks pretty good. A lot of soybean spraying is going on and that was the priority last week for a lot of people. Producers are also cleaning up equipment. Some haying is going on and roadsides are being mowed. Grain prices seem to keep tumbling. Wheat continues to mature at a rapid pace. With the heat we have and what has been predicted, it will be harvest time soon. The crop continues to look good. Stay cool and safe.


I have received a little more than 2 inches of rain since my last report. Very welcomed, but most of that came Thursday late morning. The storm rolled in with offensive, heavy rain and very strong winds. After the storm, all the corn in the area was lying flat on the ground. Don't think there was a lot broken off. Hoping it will become upright again. A lot of spraying has been occurring along with hay being put up. Wheat has made a big change with the hot weather. Still continues to look good. A few minor armyworm reports, but nothing major. It's been an unusually hot May. We'll see what June brings. Have been a few reports of some soybean discoloration due to carryover corn chemicals from last year. Hoping they will live and continue on. Hope everyone has a good week.