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Iroquois County

Ron Haase

Ron Haase has been a long-time Cropwatcher and farms near Gilman in Iroquois County.


We had some partial days of harvesting corn Tuesday through Friday. We had rain Oct. 5, 6, 7 and 10. We received a range of 2.3 to 3.4 inches of rain. Other areas received even more. We were harvesting on a farm where we had 2.3 inches. Those with higher volumes of rain were out of the field the whole week. No soybeans were harvested. Local closing prices for Oct. 11 were $3.21, nearby corn; $3.41, January corn; $3.63, new-crop corn; $7.87, nearby soybeans; $8.12, January soybeans; $8.81, new-crop soybeans.


Corn and soybean harvest was brought to a halt Friday morning by rain. I have received 1 inch so far with more expected. A majority of the corn has been harvested in our area with the corn being dry. Soybean harvest lags behind, as the focus was on corn before it dried down too much or fell over due to weak stalks. We were slowed by a few combine repairs during the week and didn’t get as much harvesting done as we hoped to. Our average corn yield is still above 2017, but below 2016. Our soybean yield could be better than the last few years, but we have a long way to go to determine that. Local closing prices for Oct. 4 were $3.20, nearby corn; $3.39, January; $3.61, new-crop corn; $7.88, nearby soybeans; $8.12, January soybeans; $8.83, new-crop soybeans.


Corn and soybean harvest continued last week with most of the activity taking place in cornfields. Soybean harvest was limited due to rain Tuesday and Wednesday. We received a range of .5 up to .75 of an inch. We returned to cutting soybeans Thursday after tearing a combine belt Wednesday. So far, our top end yields are not as high as 2017, but our average is a little above in both crops since we don’t have drowned out areas that we had last year. We still have a long way to go. Local closing prices for Sept. 27 were $3.17, nearby corn; $3.37, January corn; $7.84, nearby soybeans; and $8.08, January soybeans.


So many days of 85 to 90 degrees has really pushed this crop to maturity. Soybeans are being cut, and unfortunately, USDA’s Sept. 12 yield report was not far off. Yields have been way above average. We started corn Monday (Sept. 17) with some 114-day corn at 22.6 percent moisture. Most guys are cutting beans now. Some were down to 9.9 percent Sunday. This week, we hosted thousands of monarch butterflies. Apparently, they are attracted to buckwheat, which is planted across the road from us. They rest in our trees and flutter around all day. My wife spread our news on social media, and it was picked up by national news and broadcast all over the country. What a sight to behold! They are beautiful creatures.