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Iroquois County

Ron Haase

Ron Haase has been a long-time Cropwatcher and farms near Gilman in Iroquois County.


Half an inch of rain Oct. 14 slowed harvest to begin the week. We harvested some corn Monday and Tuesday. Then, we switched to soybeans Tuesday afternoon. We remained in soybeans the rest of the week. We have 75 percent of our soybeans cut. We need another three days to finish our soybeans. We have 45 percent of our corn harvested. Local farmers focused on harvesting soybeans last week. Strip till with fertilizer began on our farms Thursday. Local closing prices for Oct. 19 were $3.14 nearby corn, $3.37 January corn, $9.47 nearby soybeans, and $9.61 January soybeans.


Another week of wet weather limited the amount of acres that were harvested last week. It rained Oct. 6, 7, 10 and 11 with some misty and cloudy weather on a couple of other days. Our farms received a range of 1.2 inches up to 2 inches of rain. We were able to harvest only 2 percent of our soybeans last week. We have 33 percent of our crops harvested so far. Farmers with drier corn were able to harvest a couple days when soybeans weren’t possible. After the latest USDA report, local closing prices for Oct. 12 were nearby corn, $3.14, and nearby soybeans, $9.67.


Damp weather this week brought our harvest to a halt by keeping our Group III soybeans from being fit to harvest. So, we opened up some cornfields. Moisture ranged from 21 to 27 percent. Most of our corn is above 27 percent, and our replant hasn’t reached black layer, so we parked the combine. We have received .5 of an inch so far during the last two days, bringing area harvest to a halt. A few farmers harvested corn prior to the rain, having drier corn than ours. We were able to harvest 13 percent of our soybean acres this week bringing our total to 57 percent complete. Our soybean yields are comparable to yields during the past three years. Local closing prices for Oct. 5 were $3.15 for nearby corn and $9.28 for nearby soybeans.


The hot, dry weather all week provided a good opportunity to harvest soybeans. We were able to harvest 44 percent of our soybeans. We were harvesting Group 2.4 and 2.7 soybeans planted in April. After finishing the Group 2.7 soybeans today, we might have to park the combine if the Group 3.4 soybeans are not ready to harvest. None of our corn is at black layer, but most fields are very close. Our replanted corn has the milk line 40 percent of the way down the kernel. Local closing prices for Sept. 28 were nearby corn, $3.20; nearby soybeans, $9.20. Corn harvest in the local area began Friday (Sept. 29).