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Jasper County

Dan Meinhart

Dan Meinhart is a long-time Cropwatcher who farms near Montrose in Jasper County.


It was a rather dry and hot week until rain moved in Wednesday afternoon and night. Rain amounted to very little up to 1 inch or more. Wheat harvest was moving along rapidly, except for the later varieties, if they had fungicide and insecticide applied. Sidedressing of corn is pretty well complete. A lot of post-chemicals are going on corn and beans.


A lot of planting and replanting of beans took place last week. Also, a lot of chemicals have been applied. Sidedressing corn is in progress. A lot of hay is being baled. It has been a dry and windy week, which has really dried out the soil. We need a good shower to get the rest of the beans to emerge. Wheat harvest is just about around the corner.


A lot of seed went into the ground last week. Planting and replanting corn is pretty well complete. Planting and replanting beans is moving right along. A lot of chemicals have been applied. Wheat is turning rapidly. Harvest is a week or so off. Cutting and baling of hay is under way.


No planting occurred last week. We received more than 2.5 inches of rain May 20-21, bringing the river out of its banks. There still is a lot of corn to be planted and replanted, maybe even the second time. Wheat is maturing. Some farmers are thinking about switching from corn to beans.