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Jasper County

Dan Meinhart

Dan Meinhart is a long-time Cropwatcher who farms near Montrose in Jasper County.


There were showers off and on last week, permitting very little fieldwork. Some corn harvest was done between showers. There are still corn and beans needing to be harvested. Wheat has emerged.


Field activity was progressing well until Tuesday. Showers were in the area until Thursday, bringing field activities to a halt. Later planted wheat has not emerged yet. There are still corn and beans that need to be harvested. Activities for last week included harvesting corn and beans, spreading fertilizer and doing fall tillage. Showers are in the forecast for the weekend.


Field activities came to a halt when rain moved into the area Sunday afternoon (Oct. 22) and Monday (Oct. 23), leaving 1 to 2 inches. Harvest activity resumed Wednesday and Thursday. Beans are pretty well harvested except for those planted late. They are still carrying quite a bit of moisture. Wheat sowing is almost complete. Early-planted wheat has emerged and is looking very good. Some fall tillage is being done. A light frost visited the area Wednesday night.


Showers were in the area Saturday night (Oct. 14), leaving rainfall amounts ranging from .5 of an inch to 1.5 inches or more, which halted fieldwork. For most people, fieldwork resumed Wednesday or Thursday. Wheat sowing is in full swing. Harvest of both corn and beans is moving right along, except for the late-planted beans which are not ripe yet. Some tillage work is taking place. More rain is in the forecast for the weekend.