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Jasper County

Dan Meinhart

Dan Meinhart is a long-time Cropwatcher who farms near Montrose in Jasper County.


Harvest was slowed due to intermittent rain and mist off and on for several days -- not to mention the fog and frost. It took several days for the beans to dry down to acceptable moisture levels. Very little corn was harvested during that time. Some wheat was sowed where ground conditions permitted. Fertilizer and lime were spread, and tillage was done where possible. Some bush-hogging of road ditches, waterways and edges of fields took place. Late double-crop beans, and replanted beans in the river bottom won’t be ready for harvest for some time.


Harvest continued through the week until Wednesday when showers moved into the area lasting all day leaving 1/4 to 1 inch of rain. Harvest resumed Thursday where conditions permitted. Full-season beans have finally matured. Some wheat was sowed where conditions permitted. Fall tillage is beginning where possible. Application of fertilizer and lime continue.


Harvest moved along last week where ground conditions permitted. Showers moved into the area Wednesday. Soybeans are slowly maturing but very uneven. Corn is drying down nicely. Double-crop beans are turning. No wheat has been sown due to wet ground conditions. Some lime and fertilizer has been spread. Very little fall tillage has been done. Local elevators are putting corn on the ground. Hoping for a dry week ahead.


Harvest was in full swing until the beginning of the week when heavy rain moved into the area leaving 1.2 inches in our gauge with less rain to the south and up to 5 inches or more to the north, causing the river to come out of it banks for a short period of time. Beans are still ripening very unevenly. Yields for both corn and beans continue to be very good. Harvest resumed Thursday where ground conditions permitted. We are looking for a drier week ahead.