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Jasper County

Dan Meinhart

Dan Meinhart is a long-time Cropwatcher who farms near Montrose in Jasper County.


Showers were in the area Saturday night (Oct. 14), leaving rainfall amounts ranging from .5 of an inch to 1.5 inches or more, which halted fieldwork. For most people, fieldwork resumed Wednesday or Thursday. Wheat sowing is in full swing. Harvest of both corn and beans is moving right along, except for the late-planted beans which are not ripe yet. Some tillage work is taking place. More rain is in the forecast for the weekend.


Rain was in the area off and on all week. Some areas got up to 2 inches or more. Harvest resumed Wednesday, (Oct. 11) where ground permitted. Several fields of beans need to be harvested yet. Late-planted beans are not ready. Corn yields are variable depending on soil type and if there were pollination problems. Wheat that has been sown has emerged and is looking good. There is still quite a bit of wheat to be sown. Some application of fertilizer has taken place.


Bean harvest was moving right along until Tuesday when showers moved into the area. Rain ranged from little or none to 1.75 inches or more, which was badly needed. Some people have not had a good rain since June. Most of the beans are harvested except for the later-planted beans. Some wheat has been sown. A few people are starting on corn. There is a slight chance of showers the next several days.


The week started out with record-breaking temperatures. By midweek, temperatures fell to comfortable levels. No rain all week. Bean harvest is in full swing with favorable yields being reported. Later planted beans are turning, including the double-crop beans. The corn is still carrying quite a bit of moisture leading to very little activity in corn harvesting. The forecast is for warmer temperatures to return next week with very little chance of rain.