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Jasper County

Dan Meinhart

Dan Meinhart is a long-time Cropwatcher who farms near Montrose in Jasper County.


Wednesday was the hottest day we have had all summer. Rain showers were in the area Sunday and Monday. Most people got little or no rain, while some got up to 6 inches. A few more combines have been running in both corn and beans. Farmers are preparing for harvest by repairing equipment and making sure the grain bins are ready for the new crop. There will be more combines in the field this week.


It was another mild and dry week. Very light showers were in the area last Wednesday afternoon and evening, hardly getting the sidewalks wet. Silage chopping is pretty well wrapped up. Crop adjusters are reporting yields all over the board, depending on how much pollen was burnt during pollination. Reports of a few fields of beans have been harvested with yields running below average. A few people are sowing cover crops where silage has been harvested. There was a 40 percent chance of showers in the forecast Sunday night and Monday. A good rain would surely help the late beans.


Another cool and dry week. Thunder showers were in the area Monday night, leaving very little or no rain at all. The corn is drying up rapidly. Early varieties of beans are turning color. The area is in desperate need of rain. No rain in the forecast. Yield reports on corn are all over the board with some talk of corn being destroyed in the very dry areas that isn’t worth harvesting. A lot of silage was chopped last week. Other activities include cleaning out grain bins, mowing road ditches and waterways, and preparing machinery for harvest.


We have had another mild, dry week with no rain in the area. Field activities have included chopping silage, applying fungicide and insecticide to double-crop beans, mowing road ditches and water ways, and cleaning out grain bins, along with going to the Half Century of Progress Show and the Farm Progress Show. We need rain desperately, but mild weather with no rain is in the forecast.