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Jeff Guilander

Jeff Guilander farms with his father Ronnie Guilander and brother in law, Terry Hall. They grow corn and soybeans, and have a small cow-calf operation. Jeff is a former Jersey County Farm Bureau president, and he has been farming since 1994.


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It is Fair Week in Jersey County, so if you are looking for something to do, come check it out. It usually marks the hump of the growing season, but this year we seem to be ahead of schedule. The sky is full of aerial applicators, and beans look as clean as they ever will. Volunteer corn seems to be a bigger issue this year, and there are some chemical programs that appear to be falling short. Enjoy the moment. It soon will be time to start looking ahead to harvest.


Apparently, we had a couple days that dicamba should not have been sprayed. According to scouts, it drifted against a 6-plus mph wind to affect sensitive crops, but occured early enough that yield loss is unlikely. With corn now in full pollination and beans blooming, we are rolling toward harvest a few days earlier than normal. It will be here sooner than we think.


Another solid week of progress for this year’s crop. Corn maturity goes from silking to tasseling, depending on rain and maturity. Drier areas are lagging a few days, but still look solid. Soybeans are filling in the rows, with spraying getting wrapped up for the second time. With application timing and weather, I imagine there will be some rescue treatments needed on some acres. It appears, even with all precautions, that some days were better than others for spraying beans, making for some interesting conversations between neighbors. With soybeans growing at a normal pace, no major damage is expected.