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Jersey County

Jeff Guilander

Jeff Guilander farms with his father Ronnie Guilander and brother in law, Terry Hall. They grow corn and soybeans, and have a small cow-calf operation. Jeff is a former Jersey County Farm Bureau president, and he has been farming since 1994.


A solid week of weather kept machines rolling. Corn is closing in on the halfway point, while soybean fields are closer to 75 percent. With soybeans starting to wrap up, attention is going to be placed fully on corn, so progress is going to shift quickly. Looks like another week will have some starting to wrap this harvest up.


A damp week slowed harvest for most of the area. Total rainfall amounts of 1 to 2 inches were common, making harvest a little more challenging than before, but no major problems yet. Overall, harvest progress has been good and is probably close to the halfway point. Looks like some cooler, drier weather will give us a jump-start for this week. Be safe and enjoy it while it lasts.


A much-needed rain last week has slowed a frantic harvest pace. Now that machinery is repaired and serviced, round two of harvest should be a little easier. Still finding more pockets of good crops than bad, but the second half of harvest faced tougher conditions. We will have to wait and see what the next round brings.


Harvest finally took a good step forward last week. Corn is still trying to hold on to the last few points of moisture, but is close enough that a good fan on the bin should finish it out. Early beans are 10 percent by late afternoon, making us ignore the green stems. Yields overall have been solid with several pockets of good and bad mixed in. Remember to stay safe and enjoy the harvest.