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Jeff Guilander

Jeff Guilander farms with his father Ronnie Guilander and brother in law, Terry Hall. They grow corn and soybeans, and have a small cow-calf operation. Jeff is a former Jersey County Farm Bureau president, and he has been farming since 1994.


A quick return to summer has given harvest a jump-start. Soybeans leaped over corn and took advantage of the heat to drop the last few points of moisture. Early soybeans lack height, but overall seem to have handled the extreme weather fairly well. Corn continues to hold on to the last few points of moisture, leaving the choice of how wet is too wet. A few more days of dry weather and some heat will surely help. Looks like the time is at hand.


A good week of weather has this crop moving right along. The farms that are lucky enough to have a good dryer are making solid progress with ideas the rest of us will join them this week. Some corn is dry enough to go straight to the bin, and with some warmer temperatures forecast the next few days, things are starting to ramp up. Yields on early varieties seem to be a little better than expected (depending on your expectations). Soybeans are ripening quickly, and will see some harvest progress by the end of the week. The time for speculation is over -- time to find out how we did.


Another beautiful week of weather has provided an opportunity to get caught up on a lot of pre-harvest jobs. A few machines are rolling with corn in the low- to mid-20s. Early yields seem to be more consistent than was expected. Soybeans lose some color every day with most fields showing signs of ripening. Looks like it’s just about time to get really busy.


There is a lot of activity around as harvest is getting closer. Cooler temperatures have tempered a lot of ideas last week, but crops are definitely maturing. Early corn on lighter soil is showing the most change (probably not a good thing), while fuller season corn on darker dirt is holding its color very well. Soybeans are still a mystery, but there is an overall color shift along with the patches we have been seeing for a few weeks. Looks like it will be a few more days before things really heat up.