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Lake County

Pete Tekampe

is one of four original Cropwatchers still on the job and farms near Grayslake in Lake County.


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Hello, from steamy Lake County. We had a little more than an inch of rain last week. First time in weeks that we were limited to 1 inch. Early corn is starting to tassel with late planted corn just reaching knee-high. Beans are much the same. Winter wheat is turning fast and still needs a week to 10 days. Second-cutting hay is growing fast and needs another week’s time. Time to get the combine ready.


For the sixth week this spring, we got at least 3 inches of rain. The water holes are getting bigger than ever. Even the pastures have standing water in them. Shoulder-high corn is standing in a foot of water. Early planted corn still has good color, but corn planted after Memorial Day looks yellow with a brown tint to it. Beans don't seem to be growing much in all the moisture. Winter wheat is turning fast, but still needs a couple of weeks. Second-cutting hay looks great.


Good morning from Lake County, home of the monsoon season. Since May 1, we have had five weeks with more than 3 inches of rain. Early planted corn looks great and hides most of the wet spots. It's almost chest-high. Later corn is only 8 to 10 inches tall. Early planted beans look good, but there are a lot of wet spots holding water in them. Late beans had some trouble germinating and have some bare spots. Winter wheat looked good until the storm hit Tuesday. Then it started lodging. Oats are heading out and have a good color. Second-cutting hay is growing fast and will need to be cut before the wheat harvest.