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Lake County

Pete Tekampe

is one of four original Cropwatchers still on the job and farms near Grayslake in Lake County.


Another wet week in Lake County. It rained 1 inch Sunday (Nov. 12) and another .5 of an inch Wednesday. Some corn was picked in the mud Monday (Nov. 13) and Tuesday before rain hit. Corn is about 80 percent finished. Nobody’s bragging about yields this year. I wanted to finish before Thanksgiving, but hopefully, we’ll get done in November. This year was hard reporting the weather and crop conditions in Lake County because of the crummy weather and the bad crops. But, like the Cubs and Bears, wait until next year. Happy Holidays.


A cloudy, damp week in Lake County. No beans were cut. About 15 percent still need to be cut. Some corn was picked starting Monday (Nov. 6), but conditions were very muddy. About 20 percent of the corn is picked. Yields are very inconsistent in the same fields -- zero to 150 bushels per acre. Moisture is 16 to 23 percent. Surprisingly, test weight is in the mid-50s. Let’s be safe.


We finally finished beans last week. Starting with great early-planted beans, we finished with the later beans that just barely made 20 bushels per acre. Now, off to corn. With all the rain and the warm weather we’ve had, the wheat and pasture look great. They are calling for rain four of the next seven days. It’s getting old trying to work in these damp, cloudy days. Be safe.


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