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Lake County

Pete Tekampe

is one of four original Cropwatchers still on the job and farms near Grayslake in Lake County.


This week started off hot and dry with corn and beans showing some stress. Late Wednesday afternoon, we got 2.5 inches of rain in an hour. That livened everything up, and most crops are in good shape. Early corn is knee-high and early beans are looking great. Later crops are growing slowly. Hay is greening fast, but the wheat is losing its green color and starting to turn. I don’t think the wheat crops are going to be very good because of early wet spots. Don’t forget to be careful when doing odd jobs.


A hot, dry week in Lake County. A lot of corn was planted, and I think most of the beans are planted. No rain for the week, but some places are still wet. Planted pumpkins today, and I worked up some wet spots yet. As I wrote this Thursday night, it was starting to rain. They were calling for light showers Thursday night and Friday, and then the heat comes. A lot of hay has been baled in great shape. Wheat suffered during the rainy spells. It doesn’t have good color, but it is all headed out. Enjoy the summer.


No report this week.


Got almost an inch of rain Saturday (May 20). Started back in the field late Monday (May 22) and finished my corn, except for the lake I acquired this year. Corn is about 70 percent planted in Lake County. Early corn is looking a little yellow after the last week of cool, wet weather. We have very good germination, considering the weather. Beans are almost 15 percent planted. I saw my first sprouted beans Thursday. It took them 10 days to sprout. There is still a lot of ground that hasn’t been touched this year in Lake County. Take your time, and be safe.