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Lake County

Pete Tekampe

is one of four original Cropwatchers still on the job and farms near Grayslake in Lake County.


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A very wet week in Lake County. Got a little more than 1 inch of rain Friday, then 2.5 inches Wednesday. Not many beans were cut this week, but I got my wheat planted Tuesday. Not much corn has been picked. Yields and moisture are not consistent. In the same row, you can have 20 percent and 35 percent moisture. We were early cutting beans, but we are falling behind fast.


It drizzled Wednesday morning and Thursday night, but we got less than .05 of an inch of rain in both events. I’ve got more than half my beans cut with yields in the lower 30s to high 60s. There are still a lot of green beans in Lake County, and some farmers have not started yet. Very little wheat is planted. Most are waiting for some moisture. Not much corn is harvested yet, so no yield data. They are calling for rain the next three days. It would be a welcomed sight. Remember to be careful.


Had two rain events last week totaling less than .1 of an inch. Had a very hot week with seven days in the 90s. Started beans last Friday (Sept. 22) with moisture at 16 percent. Monday (Sept. 25), they were at 12 percent and Tuesday, 8 percent. Beans are running about 40 bushels per acre. There are still a lot of green beans in Lake County. Corn is turning fast. No corn picked here yet. No wheat planted yet because of the drier conditions. Have a safe harvest.