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Lake County

Pete Tekampe

is one of four original Cropwatchers still on the job and farms near Grayslake in Lake County.


We had two rain events last week for a total of .6 of an inch. Some beans have been cut, but most are green around the former wet spots which are going away. Some corn has been cut, and silage is done. I hope to start beans this week. Be safe.


We had a beautiful week in Lake County with six days in a row without rain. We had some great third-cutting hay baled. Corn is turning fast with some good and some not so good at all. Some early beans were cut late last week. Later beans are dark green and looking a lot better. Pastures are keeping ahead of the cows. Remember to think safety.


No report


We finally got some much needed rain, 3 inches, on Tuesday night. It is a little too late for the early planted corn and beans. They think it’s September; they are drying up so fast. The late planted corn and beans got moisture just in time. They're looking great. The rain was in time for the third cutting hay, which now looks great, but we don't have a window to cut it. They're calling for rain five of the next seven days. Let's be careful.