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Lee County

Larry Hummel

Larry Hummel of Dixon has been farming with his brother since 1975 in the corner of Lee, Ogle, and Whiteside counties. They raise corn, soybeans, and a little wheat.


Even though the CropWatcher 2018 season has come to an end, harvest is not complete here in northern Illinois. Maybe the last 5 percent of the corn crop is still in the field, and a few soybeans are also waiting for the combine. As always, there were a lot of challenges this year. Most of them centered around excessive rain. Tile lines were pushed to their limits at times, but were worth their weight in gold. This fall, it was very obvious what areas could use more of it. Tar spot that moved into the area for the first time liked the wet leaves that seemed to never dry off. I believe it easily took 40 to 50 bushels off the top end of the most infected fields. But all in all, it was a good year. Yields for corn and soybeans were well above average. I can't wait to see what twists and turns next year brings.


We just finished harvesting our north farm. It was hit hard with tar spot. Corn plants died early, and kernels were very small with a test weight of just 53 pounds. The yield was probably 40 to 50 bushels under what it should have been. The field we moved to next is a little better, then I think we will be done with the crappy stuff. I can't wait!


We wrapped up soybean harvest Tuesday and got back to corn Wednesday. It has been a nice stretch of harvest weather, but the forecast has more showers in the mix. One of our fields of corn broke over pretty badly while we were doing soybeans, but it's feeding into the combine OK. Others aren’t so lucky. A lot of reels have been mounted on corn heads and even that doesn’t solve the problem for some. A few fields are being harvested going one way and even at an angle to the rows.


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