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Lee County

Larry Hummel

Larry Hummel of Dixon has been farming with his brother since 1975 in the corner of Lee, Ogle, and Whiteside counties. They raise corn, soybeans, and a little wheat.


Weather in Lee County is a big story. We had 4 to 5 inches of rain over a few days. The flatter ground is struggling to get rid of the rain, and I’m nervous about how the new waterways held up on some of our rolling ground. Most of them were seeded down early this spring and should be fine, but the last farm was seeded after we finished planting and it will be a miracle if it doesn’t need to be reshaped.


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I was hoping we were done planting, but we ripped up 120 acres of corn that had herbicide damage. There was another 130 acres that I was on the fence about replanting, so this fall I will find out if I stopped too soon. The corn was planted the last few days of April and sprayed with a grass herbicide about May 1. We had 2 inches of rain that brought the herbicide down to the seed just as it was absorbing water for germination. A nice neighbor called to let me know he, too, had to replant some corn from Pythium reducing his stand. Misery loves company.


Planting is just about wrapped up here. A few soybeans, along with some seed corn, are still going in the ground. Anhydrous applicators that have been sitting since planting started rolling again. If the ground was fit this month, there was just one thing you needed to be doing -- PLANT. Now that we are past that, it feels like there are 50 things I should be doing.