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Lee County

Larry Hummel

Larry Hummel of Dixon has been farming with his brother since 1975 in the corner of Lee, Ogle, and Whiteside counties. They raise corn, soybeans, and a little wheat.


Another 4 inches of rain last week brings our two-week total up to 6 inches. It’s hard to believe we could get that much rain and the fields are still firm enough for getting trucks in and out. If only we could have gotten some of that back in August when it would have made a huge impact on soybean yields. Lighter soils ran out of water early, and yields are in the 40s. In contrast, soybeans grown in good dirt are averaging more than 80 bushels per acre.


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Another week of good harvest weather. More than half of the soybeans are harvested here in Lee County. Yields have been average to below average. The better soils are staying close to the average. Lighter soils felt the brunt of the dryness in September. The exception to that are farms that haven’t had any soybeans growing on them for multiple years. Yields are well above average, but then again, I was expecting that. There is very little corn harvested. Most are letting Mother Nature do as much drying as possible. The lowest moisture I’ve heard of is 24 percent.


Combines are rolling in the soybean fields, finally, but we are still on the sidelines. We should have some ready to go this week. Yield reports from earlier planted soybeans are running average to above average. It’s hard to be the guy that’s waiting while the combines are rolling down the road, so you will see a big smile on my face as soon as we get started.