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Livingston County

Mark Kerber

Mark Kerber and his son raise corn and soybeans near Chatsworth in southeastern Livingston County. Mark is one of our longest serving Cropwatchers.


Most of the fall work is done as machinery is getting cleaned and put away. Another round of late Indian summer will still see some recreational tillage, though. Last year, we saw 20 degrees freezing weather only to warm up and apply fall burndown. Now it's time to analyze harvest data and order seed accordingly. Have a great winter, and be careful hauling in corn on icy, snowy roads. Also, be safe driving south for part of the winter for some. Keep your fingers crossed for a demand market to start.


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Bean and cornfields that were left disappeared last week with the great weather. Fertilizer and lime is getting applied at a rapid rate. NH3 application is just starting with the below-normal temperatures. The corn market rose some only to fall back. Halloween and the World Series are here. So, you know fall is upon us.


After a rain delay of 10 days, everybody is back in the field doing something. Harvest is going strong with those who have crop to get out. Fall tillage is continuing with the ground drying out. After 3.5 inches of rain, the tiles are still not running. Fertilizer and lime are being applied as crop services are glad to be back to work. Hopefully with with fieldwork ahead of schedule, we will be able to do some land improvement projects this fall.