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Livingston County

Mark Kerber

Mark Kerber and his son raise corn and soybeans near Chatsworth in southeastern Livingston County. Mark is one of our longest serving Cropwatchers.


Have a county fair, and it will rain. That is what happened midweek at the Livingston County Fair in Pontiac. The next morning, the rain was a little more widespread, but only delivered .1 of an inch. Corn and soybeans are looking OK but short. Replant corn is just starting to pollinate. The question is whether to spray fungicide on the corn and soybeans this year. Everyone has a different view on this decision. One can watch the markets for the weather forecast.


Scattered rain was welcomed as the early-planted corn is pollinating. The second planting is short and has some time before pollination, although, more even with a perfect stand. Soybeans are finally growing, but still short. Dicamba drip is prevalent in many fields, but is working well on weed control. Liberty herbicide is showing up a little weak on the taller waterhemp. Japanese beetles are not a concern as we first thought. Our market rally was very short-lived. We will have to live with these report numbers for another month.


No report this week.


Crops are looking better with more normal weather. Corn is getting taller, but soybeans are plenty short for this time of year. Wheat harvest has started, but most of the grain is a little too wet yet to combine. Soybean spraying has been the main event, along with mowing. County fairs have started.