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Livingston County

Mark Kerber

Mark Kerber and his son raise corn and soybeans near Chatsworth in southeastern Livingston County. Mark is one of our longest serving Cropwatchers.


August weather is in the air -- hot weather with a few rain showers. Kids are back in school and the Fairbury Fair is over, as we transition into early fall. Weeds have gone to seed whether they're in the road ditches, yards or fields. Preparation for fall harvest is underway and keeping the landscape trimmed. Machinery purchases are at a minimum compared to a few years ago. Corn has not black layered yet. Beans are starting to turn. Will this be a fall where prices climb during harvest? Probably not.


Another week with no rain. It's been more than a month since our last measurable precip. Corn is drying or dying. Kernel depth will be shallow. Some of the soybeans are starting to turn with the top pods pretty flat. Looks like harvest will start after Labor Day. Farmers are scrambling to get bins, dryers and machinery ready for harvest. Mowing roadsides is also a task. Markets have bumped some because of tarriff talks resuming along with North American Free Trade Agreement talks with Mexico. Missed forecast of rain, also a concern to the market.


We have been on vacation in Colorado for two weeks only to return to dry conditions. The boys said we missed three good opportunities for rain as it fell south and north of us. Corn is drying fast and soybeans are not filling pods very well without moisture. It is only a small area, as we noticed Iowa and Nebraska were very green with the irrigators shut off. Returning home on I-70, Kansas looked good, but Missouri was burned up. Farmers are busy getting ready for this early corn harvest.


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