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Tom Ritter

Tom Ritter is a long-time Cropwatcher and farms near Blue Mound in Macon County.


Finally got a good run of several days of harvesting that allowed many to finish. Corn and soybeans are both more than 95 percent complete. The previous week of light showers did not add much accumulation, but allowed those with corn to keep going while those with soybeans had to sit on the sidelines. The biggest change in the countryside is all the socks (white bags) being used for storage of the surplus grain. A lot of dry fertilizer and lime has been spread, and the majority of the tillage has been completed. An early start coupled with decent weather is resulting in an unusual early finish to the season.


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We dodged chances of showers last week, but that is probably coming to an end heading into the weekend. Corn is more than 80 percent complete followed by soybeans at more than 60 percent complete. Most are concentrating on beans. Yields for corn have been 225 to 250 and often higher. Soybeans have settled into the 70 to 85 range on good soils. A fair amount of tillage has been done. Definitely looks like harvest will finish well ahead of average.


Rain early last week slowed harvest but enabled farmers to catch some rest and get reorganized. We had about an inch of rain, which stopped bean harvest but briefly halted corn harvest. Corn harvest is more than 80 percent complete and soybeans more than 60 percent complete. Yields have been tremendous on both crops, for the most part. A fair amount of tillage has also been accomplished.