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Tom Ritter

Tom Ritter is a long-time Cropwatcher and farms near Blue Mound in Macon County.


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At least 98 percent of the corn and beans have been harvested. It’s been a week of damp conditions, but no heavy rains. It was just annoying that it slowed some of the fieldwork. Quite a bit of tillage going on, and I’ve seen quite a few applying anhydrous ammonia. Farmers are off to a good start getting everything completed. Should have that easily accomplished next week barring heavy rains, and we will be set for the winter.


Rain last Sunday (Oct. 22) and the early part of the week limited harvest. Rainfall amounts were generally 1 to 1.5 inches. Harvest is wrapping up quickly with less than 5 percent of the corn and beans to be harvested. The moisture also put a halt to any tillage that was going on. Overall, farmers are very pleased with soybeans and pleased to a little disappointed with corn yields.


Harvest has progressed very rapidly with numerous good working days. A lot are finishing soybeans. Probably by the time this report comes out, there will be less than 10 percent of the corn and bean acres left to harvest. Everyone should be done by the first of November. Yields have been all over the board. Drainage has made a tremendous difference. There has been a lot of tiling going on the last several years, and I think those people are reaping some good rewards.