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Tom Ritter

Tom Ritter is a long-time Cropwatcher and farms near Blue Mound in Macon County.


Planters were rolled last week. Mostly planting soybeans and a little touch-up and replanting of some ponds, but not a high percentage of acres. Also, some soybeans that were planted just ahead of the heavy rains and the cooler temperatures are being replanted. Again, not a significant amount of acres. Soybean planting is around 50 percent complete. The biggest problem has been application, especially pre-emerge herbicides with the high winds we had. We have a wet forecast for the weekend, but with the high winds, we had some rapid dry down. In some cases, a little shower would be welcomed.


We had 1 inch of rain Wednesday night into Thursday. We were getting close to dried out, but now we are at least into the middle of this week before any field action can happen, at the earliest. We haven’t been in the field for more than two weeks. It will be two and a half weeks by the time you read this report. Corn is more than 90 percent complete in this area, and soybeans are probably 30 percent planted. The last corn and beans planted ahead of the rains, mostly due to the cooler conditions, have been slow to germinate and emerge. With the warmer, 80-degree temperatures we’ve seen the last few days, and the forecast for the weekend, hopefully, those will struggle to come through.


Rainfall in the system that came through the last weekend in April totaled exactly 5 inches. The system the middle of last week gave us another 1.7 inches. Nothing has happened in the fields since April 26. A lot of water standing. There will be some replant, at least in the ponded areas, but it’s too wet to even get out and evaluate it at this time. Cool weather that came with the system created quite a bit of concern on the stands coming up. Corn that is up definitely looks very, very yellow. Ready for sunshine and warm temperatures again. Farmers will be ready to take off and finish the planting season. More than 90 percent finished on corn, and between 20 to 30 percent of the soybeans have been planted.


Rain Wednesday afternoon brought all fieldwork to a halt, but corn planting in the area is more than 90 percent complete with less than 20 percent of the soybeans planted. Most farmers were waiting either on moisture, which is coming, and hopefully will not be in excess by the system clears out, but also there is concern about cool temperatures effecting emergence. The forecast going into the weekend (April 29-30) indicates we could have 4 to 5 inches of rain. That could cause some major problems with sealing in of the last corn or soybeans that were planted. Also, the cool temperatures will slow emergence.