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Macon County

Tom Ritter

Tom Ritter is a long-time Cropwatcher and farms near Blue Mound in Macon County.


A lot of .4 of an inch to .7 of an inch of rain, but isolated places received 2 inches of rain or better, and other spots received nothing. Overall, the corn crop looks good. A lot of spraying of fungicide going on corn. Soybeans also look good, but there seems to be a lot of bleed-through where herbicides have failed this year due to the dryness and heat we had in early June. Overall, I would put moisture as somewhat adequate. We will definitely need quite a bit more to finish the crop. Overall, crop prospects look good.


Since the last report, we’ve had a couple of very spotty showers. One farm received up to 1.6 inches of rain and other farms received nothing. There has been no consistency, at least in southern Macon County. Northern Macon County has fared worse. Crops continue to progress. We are in the middle of pollination for the corn. Soybeans are getting some decent growth. Corn may be a little shorter than normal. I would still rate crop prospects as very good, and we will see what happens whether the rain will supplement the growth and needs in the next few weeks.


Right after I filed my report last week, we had 1.2 inches of rain. As I file this report, I hope the same thing works. Our moisture levels range from adequate to a little bit depleted, but definitely need to be stockpiling some moisture for later on, especially with more heat coming back into the forecast. Overall, corn looks very good, starting to tassel. Major concern is that the plants do not have the normal height as they begin tasseling, even though they will continue to grow at least moderately. Soybeans also look good, depending on when they were planted. Size is related to the heavy rains that fell. Major problem is that the dry and high temperatures in early June affected weed control, especially with waterhemp. Overall at this point, crop prospects look somewhere between good and very good.


Early last week, southern Macon County received anywhere from less than to a little more than .5 of an inch of rain, which was very welcomed. Our two showers the week before only amounted to .2 of an inch. Needless to say, we were hurting for moisture. As I made this report Thursday, we were having very light showers, and there were prospects for more rain throughout the night. Not much field activity. Some post-application spraying of soybeans. Even the replant has some decent growth to it. Both corn and beans have excellent color, and some corn is getting to be head-high. Because of the weak spots and the stress the crop has been through, I would rate both corn and beans as good, not very good or excellent.