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Macon County

Tom Ritter

Tom Ritter is a long-time Cropwatcher and farms near Blue Mound in Macon County.


Harvest has progressed very rapidly with numerous good working days. A lot are finishing soybeans. Probably by the time this report comes out, there will be less than 10 percent of the corn and bean acres left to harvest. Everyone should be done by the first of November. Yields have been all over the board. Drainage has made a tremendous difference. There has been a lot of tiling going on the last several years, and I think those people are reaping some good rewards.


We had anywhere from 1.5 inches to 2.5 inches of rain in this area, more as you go 10 or 15 miles south of us where they had 3 to 4 inches. We had several days where we had a very light drizzle or a mist in the air that delayed quite a bit of fieldwork. We still stand at probably 70 percent complete on corn and soybeans at this point. Soybean harvest is getting a little tougher with the moisture and damper ground conditions coupled with the shorter days. Overall, farmers are very pleased with soybean yields and pretty well pleased with corn.


Rain Wednesday into Thursday put a halt, or at least a major slowdown, in harvest. At Blue Mound, we had 1 inch of rain. If you went 20 miles south, they were in the 3- or 4-inch range. At this point, both corn and beans are probably 60 percent harvested. Overall, I think farmers are pleased with corn yields. Maybe a little better than they anticipated. Probably looking at more average-type yields on a five-year average. Soybeans are a little more of a pleasant surprise. A lot of 65- to 70-bushel beans for people that caught rain around the Farm Progress Show. It really seemed to boost them even a little higher.


A lot of corn and beans came out last week, particularly soybeans. Farmers have been pleased with the yields, especially those that happened to catch rains at the end of August. Their yields have been superior. Corn harvest is also progressing. Probably close to 40 percent complete. Soybean completion is probably closer to 80 percent. A lot of problems with very dry beans, but still a lot of green stems and yellow leaves, which could cause problems later on in storage. With another two weeks of good weather, there should not be much crop left in this area.