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Macon County

Tom Ritter

Tom Ritter is a long-time Cropwatcher and farms near Blue Mound in Macon County.


A week ago, southern Macon County dodged a bullet, getting about 2 inches of rain. But the northern part of the county received 4 to 7 inches. Most southern area farmers resumed harvest Monday or Tuesday and have gone gangbusters ever since. About 25 percent of the corn has been harvested at moisture ranging from 17 to 21 percent. Yields have been outstanding with 240 to 250 bushels per acre fairly common. Just a few bean fields have been harvested, but no yields to report. The majority of beans are 10 days off.


Harvest started this week, but not at the rate I thought it would. Many are waiting on a little less moisture in corn. We were pleasantly surprised that we harvested 18.8 to 21.4 percent corn. Yields are excellent with a lot of reports of 225 to 250 bushels per acre. Some may go higher but also below those figures. Soybeans are maturing rapidly, but most acres are two to three weeks off. After a day and a half of harvest, I am ready for a rest while we see how the remnants of Gordon slow us down.


A report or two of farmers trying corn. Heard some high 20s for moisture but no yield estimates. There will be a lot more activity immediately after Labor Day. The biggest surprise is the earlier than normal dulling and yellow leaves on the soybeans. I was thinking October harvest for beans, but moving that up to mid-September. Better be a high yield because of the super low price. Been a while since I saw bean prices under $8.


Had 1.5 to 2 inches of rain since the last report. The crop is pretty well made at this point. Damp conditions and moderate temperatures did not help the dry down on corn. Seeing a lot more brown leaves and ears pulling away from the stalk, so harvest will be coming within the next two weeks. I have seen a few fields of beans starting to dull and show some yellowing, but most beans will be five to six weeks from harvest. Farmers are getting storage ready and giving the roadsides another mowing before we get really busy.