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Brian Schaumburg

Brian Schaumburg farms near Chenoa in northern McLean County.


Corn fungicide/foliar nutrient applications are wrapping up and soybeans are now getting started. Working on equipment, scouting, mowing and Santa Claus weed control (hoe, hoe, hoe) are the jobs of the day. 1680 GDU’s make preliminary corn yield estimates a little easier to guess and my guess is its really good! Farmers have lost over $100/Acre of revenue potential the past few weeks and no one seems too concerned. Corn 312, 324 fall; beans 816, 814 fall; wheat 444.


Scattered showers fell after the Fourth, and we got a reprieve from high heat indices. Japanese beetles are munching on soybeans and may warrant treatment when we apply fungicides. GDUs are above 1,500. Corn remains impressive. Farmers continue to take it on the chin as tariffs go into effect. Corn, $3.26; fall, $3.34; beans, $8.20; fall, $8.21; wheat, $4.65.


Oppressive heat set in as corn entered the VT stage of development. Aerial fungicide and foliar nutrition applications began a full week earlier than usual. Soybeans are flowering and looking a little better after saturated soils dried up. Ag markets took another hit. Corn, $3.27; fall, $3.37; beans, $8.40; fall, $8.50; wheat, $4.42.


Warm, wet weather continues. Soybean diseases, mostly rhizoctonia and phytophthora, are still causing much concern and replanting. With 1,107 GDUs, corn has never looked better at this time of year. Fungicide and foliar nutrient applications will start soon. The ag sector has lost many billions of dollars. No one wins a trade war. The “huddled masses” aren’t doing too well either. Corn, $3.35; new, $3.48; beans, $8.58; new, $8.69; wheat, $4.46.