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McLean County

Brian Schaumburg

Brian Schaumburg farms near Chenoa in northern McLean County.


Hot, humid and dry describes our immediate area. We missed the rain that fell all around us and are hoping for another chance. Plant moisture requirements are less now than in a couple of weeks, but it would be nice to “prime the pump” and reduce plant stress. Residual herbicides are holding weed pressure down, but are also affecting plant growth. Corn, $3.54; fall, $3.63; soybeans, $9.10; fall, $9.04; wheat, $4.04.


Summer heat has arrived, and GDU’s are 648 -- 64 behind average. Corn is in rapid growth (V6-8), and we got our topdressing of N done just in time for canopy. Beans are growing and are still anywhere from VE to V3+. Scouting for rootworm, corn borer, disease and tissue testing are upcoming jobs. Some are in need of rain. Markets have reacted to conditions in the eastern belt. Corn, $3.58; new, $3.69; soybeans, $9.13; new, $9.04.


Everybody is happier when busy, and farmers are glad to get into the fields to wrap up planting, replanting, spraying corn and applying nitrogen. We are at V6+ on corn, and soybeans are at second trifoliate. We started post-spraying beans as weeds are at their most susceptible stage for good kill. While there are some spotty stands, this area is better off than most. Corn, $3.47; fall, $3.54; soybeans, $8.88; fall, $8.79; wheat, $3.79.


The cool, wet trend continues, and GDUs are 397 since planting, or 46 less than average. First-planted corn is V3 and could be rated as fair to good. Some reports of purple corn, wireworm and grub damage. Soybeans are 75 percent planted and most are now VE to V1. Not much progress. We did get one day of post-spraying of corn. Weeds are still thriving. Crop conditions now have little bearing on final yield, but we will need better weather to produce a good crop. Replant is still in play on some acres. Corn, $3.44; fall, $3.52; soybeans, $9.11, fall, $8.99; wheat, $3.81.