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McLean County

Brian Schaumburg

Brian Schaumburg farms near Chenoa in northern McLean County.


This season looked to be over early but has dragged on and on. Nitrogen applications have been delayed again by cold, wet weather. This crop was our fourth best overall but far less than other areas. Good, not great. With elections over, civility begins with you and me. Always be a little kinder than necessary. Corn, $3.46; January, $3.58; fall ‘19, $3.65; soybeans, $8.21; January, $8.27; fall ‘19, $8.79.


Rainfall of 1.5 to 2.5 inches stopped NH3 applications. Ground temperatures are in the mid-40s. Getting production documentation together for insurance and the soybean Margin Facilitation Program is being done, along with storing equipment and other odd jobs. Failing to vote disrespects those who devoted their lives to giving you that right. Corn, $3.37; January, $3.48; fall ‘19, $3.60; soybeans, $8.14; January, $8.27; fall ‘19, $8.77; wheat, $4.80.


Harvest has wound down to well under 10 percent of the crop left. Soil temperatures are in the mid-40’s, so some anhydrous ammonia is being applied. Tillage, tiling projects, equipment cleanup and fertilizer spreads are being done. We’ll take a couple of days off to see the “Grandmonsters.” Corn, $3.30; January, $3.44; fall ’19, $3.57; soybeans, $7.83; January, $8.01; fall ’19, $8.57.


Several good days for soybean combining has helped farmers whittle down the unharvested acres to less than 25 percent. Moistures are high, from 14 to 16 percent, but strong winds and dry air are helping bring those down to more acceptable levels. Fertilizer and lime are being applied. Some tillage is going now that it has dried up. Corn, $3.35; January, $3.51; fall ‘19, $3.61; soybeans, $8.05; January, $8.23; fall ’19, $8.74; wheat, $4.92.