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McLean County

Brian Schaumburg

Brian Schaumburg farms near Chenoa in northern McLean County.


A good week of harvest has a few farmers wrapping the season up, but the vast majority have a ways to go. Yields continue to impress, although later planted beans are 7 to 10 bushels lower. Corn moisture is slow to drop, likely due to heavy test weights. Hoping to finish this week. Corn, $3.15; January, $3.32; beans, $9.51; January, $9.71.


Receiving 0.5 to 2 inches of rain hampered or halted harvest last week, adding to the already slow pace of progress. There were only 3.5 days suitable for harvest. Later planting yields are more variable and still very wet. USDA report gave a price bump. Hope you took advantage. Corn, $3.16; January corn, $3.32; soybeans, $9.56; January soybeans, $9.76.


Outstanding yield reports continue in this area. Corn is running 190 to 290 bushels and beans 55 to mid-80s for field averages. Harvest progress is 25 percent for corn and nearing 50 percent on beans. Be thankful. Corn, $3.15; January, $3.31; beans, $9.33; January, $9.53.


Corn harvest creeps along at a snail’s pace due to high moisture levels. Only 10 percent is done. Soybean pace has fared better with 20 percent in the bin. Combines are struggling with weeds, green stems, butter beans and low moistures. Yields are running a little above our yield checks, and soybeans are at five-year averages. Corn, $3.18; January, $3.35; beans, $9.25; January, $9.43.