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McLean County

Brian Schaumburg

Brian Schaumburg farms near Chenoa in northern McLean County.


Heat indices of 105 and higher hampered human and animal activity this week. Pop-up thunderstorms favored places north and east of here. Still waiting on a good rain event. Fungicide/insecticide applications were wrapping up on corn and starting on soybeans. Spider mite numbers are increasing in the southern parts of the county. Corn, $3,62, new, $3.75; soybeans, $9.84; new, $9.87; wheat, $4.61.


Steam heat gave way to a couple of rain showers that amounted to .2 of an inch to .6 of an inch of rain. Crops look surprisingly good despite hot, dry, July weather. Fungicide applications have begun. There are a few hot spots of Japanese and rootworm beetles, but nothing economic yet. Corn is pollinating, and beans are blooming. Markets are schizophrenic. Corn, $3.40; fall, $3.54; soybeans, $9.48; fall, $9.48; wheat, $4.71.


Widely scattered rain storms hit on Independence Day, and a few lucky farmers got between .5 of an inch to 1.5 inches of rain. Most got nothing. Corn is at VT and is much shorter than usual. This may adversely affect yields as plants have less leaf area for photosynthesis. Beans are knee-high and blooming. Wheat ranged from 70 to 98 bushels per acre (bpa). Spraying fungicide was worth 18 bpa or more. Corn, $3.57; fall, $3.71; soybeans, $9.64; fall, $9.62; wheat, $4.89.


Crops and people enjoyed a good week of weather. Corn is nearing VT, and is at its best rating of the season. Japanese beetles are back in trees and ornamentals, but not in fields as yet. Spraying is wrapping up and decisions for fungicide will be made soon. Markets hopefully have put in a low. Corn, $3.37; new corn, $3.45; soybeans, $8.93; new soybeans, $8.85; wheat, $4.30.