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McLean County

Brian Schaumburg

Brian Schaumburg farms near Chenoa in northern McLean County.


The Route 24 corridor received .3 to .5 inches of rain last week and continues to be among the drier spots of central Illinois. That said, crop prospects are still good. Crop prices are a major concern and basis continues to weaken to unprecedented levels. Harvest will start in earnest after Labor Day. GDUs are 350 ahead of average. Corn, $3.20; new, $3.24; soybeans, $7.80; new, $7.80; wheat, $5.07.


There is much concern about soybeans needing a good drink and the sooner the better. Mowing roadsides, prepping equipment, attending annual meetings and pricing of fall inputs are jobs of the day. Prairie Central Co-op prepares to cut the ribbon on its new country elevator next week. Corn, $3.40; new, $3.50; soybeans, $8.52; new, $8.55; wheat, $5.28.


Our local Heartland Bank yield survey found several things of interest. Ears have more girth than any other year, with a majority of 18 rows around. The crop is uniform and populations are good with few, if any, blank stalks. Disease pressure is heavy in unsprayed fields. The corn crop is made and appears to be equal to or better than last year. Illinois should set a record by 6 bushels per acre. We have missed rains for 20 days, and beans would benefit from a good drink. Corn, $3.40; new, $3.52; soybeans, $8.61; new, $8.63; wheat, $5.43.


After a week at the beach with grandkids, we returned to do our leg of the Heartland Bank yield tour in northern McLean and southern Livingston County. Corn development is ahead of last year by 10 to 12 days and will make for an equally early harvest. Early fungicide treatments show better results. Hard numbers next week, but this is a top three corn crop at the worst and beans are consistently improved over a year ago. Corn, $3.32; fall, $3.46; soybeans, $8.62; fall, $8.70; wheat, $5.37.