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McLean County

Brian Schaumburg

Brian Schaumburg farms near Chenoa in northern McLean County.


We are in the “dog days” of late September, and a few more combines have ventured into corn and bean fields. Less than 1 percent is harvested. Not many are willing to pay drying charges. Trend is for better corn yields and more variable beans. A visit from our grandson made waiting more tolerable, but he wears me out! Corn, $3.20; January corn, $3.35; soybeans, $9.41; January soybeans, $9.56.


Crops are creeping toward maturity with the brunt of harvest activity still a week to 10 days away. Some early corn harvest results show moisture in the mid-20 to high 30 percent range. Yields are harder to pry out of farmers, but most are 190 to 220 bushels per acre, which is impressive for 104-day corn and a lack of rain. Kernel depth and weights are high. August weather saved it. Corn, $3.24 new; Jan., $3.38; soybeans, $9.41; Jan., $9.56.


Continued unseasonal temperatures are pushing harvest back several more days. One benefit of the cool weather is potentially heavier ear weights and larger kernels. We are still a week away from maturity on fuller season corn, and beans are just now turning. Prayers for the safety of all the hurricane victims. Corn, $3.21; fall, $3.26; soybeans, $9.49; fall, $9.39.


Most everything is ready to go except crops, and with GDU's at 2,444, which is 207 fewer than average and 250 behind last year, prospects for a normal harvest startup appear to be unlikely. Elevators will be carrying over a lot of 2016 corn, which might cause logistical problems later in the year, not to mention weighing down markets. Corn, $3.06; new, $3.15; soybeans, $9.10; new, $8.96.