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Menard County

Carrie Winkelmann

Carrie Winkelmann farms with her husband, Kyle, raising corn and soybeans. Carrie also works as an agriculture literacy coordinator for Sangamon-Menard Extension.


Well folks, we finally finished harvesting. I know a lot of you are still working hard around the state, but I was sure feeling like it was never going to end for us here. Most of the crops in the county are out. There has been a large amount of ammonia applied this week. I have seen people doing fall herbicide applications and fall tillage, too. We will start spraying ASAP, and we also got the tile company in a field to do some tiling. There is still a lot of work to be done to wrap up the year, and I, for one, will be happy to see the backside of 2017. What a crazy farming year.


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Replanting corn was a good decision this year. Unfortunately, we only replanted about 20 percent of our corn. Bean replant hasn't worked out as well, but there was no real choice in that decision this year. Yields are all over the place. Just depending on rainfall, location, and replanted or not replanted. Still chugging along after .85 inches of rain early in the week. Still muddy out there.