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Menard County

Carrie Winkelmann

Carrie Winkelmann farms with her husband, Kyle, raising corn and soybeans. Carrie also works as an agriculture literacy coordinator for Sangamon-Menard Extension.


Well, I asked for a break last week and that is what we got. It rained enough on and off last weekend, dropping a little more than an inch of rain on us, to keep most people out of the fields until the middle of last week. We got going Thursday. Forecast says 100 percent chance today (Friday). Kyle trusted it and didn’t pack his lunch, which probably means it won’t rain.


We stopped before dark Thursday night ahead of the predicted rain, but only came away with .45 of an inch in the gauge. We were on beans, but will now probably move to corn barring any more rain. We haven’t had a real stoppage since we started harvesting!


The weather was cooperative last week. Corn and soybeans are coming out of fields around the county fairly equally. Yields are still good, with soybean yields being the talk of most people.


We started with beans and have moved to corn. Yields are above average for both. I am severely tired of the hot weather and am ready for the cool down that is supposed to come this weekend. The heat has been cooking up afternoon showers, and we got rained out at the end of the last two evenings. Took advantage of the soil moisture to plant an oat/radish cover crop mix today.