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Carrie Winkelmann

Carrie Winkelmann farms with her husband, Kyle, raising corn and soybeans. Carrie also works as an agriculture literacy coordinator for Sangamon-Menard Extension.


Replanting corn was a good decision this year. Unfortunately, we only replanted about 20 percent of our corn. Bean replant hasn't worked out as well, but there was no real choice in that decision this year. Yields are all over the place. Just depending on rainfall, location, and replanted or not replanted. Still chugging along after .85 inches of rain early in the week. Still muddy out there.


We got a good day and a half of corn picked early last week, but starting midday Tuesday, it rained. We received a bit over 3 inches total. There were reports of more across the county, and harvest has been at a standstill with not very good conditions for drying us out. It was National Fire Prevention Week, and we did drills with the kids to make sure they understand where to go in a fire, which has seemed appropriate as I see the news from California. It is important to have a plan.


Harvest was rolling right along until Wednesday when light rain all day kept us out of the field. An overnight rain left us with 1.3 inches. Forecast rain looks to keep us sidelined through the weekend, but we will see. Stay safe everyone!


Harvest started for us this week with beans testing 9-11 percent and making around 75 bu/acre on the first field we harvested. We finally found some dry corn yesterday, but had a breakdown (semi exhaust). Then in trying to fix something simple while we were waiting on parts, we added another problem to the mix. We finally got going again, and the corn we got into looks good (but I'm still not holding my breath as the yield monitor hadn't been calibrated yet!!). Everyone is switching back and forth from beans to corn. Such a weird/problematic year. It just seems to be keeping the same trend.