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Mercer County

Ken Reinhardt

Ken Reinhardt farms near Seaton in Mercer County.


We had around .4 of an inch of rain last week. There is still plenty of corn to harvest in the area -- maybe 15 percent or so. Elevators are starting more piles. It seems 250 is the new 200 in corn yields. Continued yield improvement is going to require more bins and trucks.


We had about .25 of an inch of rain last weekend (Nov. 4-5). I hope to finish harvest by the end of the week, as there is a mention of snow for Saturday night. There are several fields of beans left and maybe 25 percent of corn left. Elevators are cutting hours and shutting off wet corn as on-farm storage fills up and must go somewhere.


Some light rain mid-week. I am in my last farm to harvest in Mercer County. There were many new high yields on farms, but some disappointments with a couple of hybrids.


Around .5 of an inch of rain during the weekend (Oct. 21 & 22). Soybean harvest should be mostly wrapped up in a few days. Corn is going to take some time as the amount of bushels to handle is staggering.