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Mercer County

Ken Reinhardt

Ken Reinhardt farms near Seaton in Mercer County.


No rain last week. The fair may end without the usual storm it seems to bring about, although there is a 50-50 chance Saturday. Max Armstrong is MC for the 25th annual 4-H livestock auction Friday night. The new drought map has expanded all of the county to abnormally dry and moderate drought to Henderson and some of Warren County just to the south. Forecast models are moving to lower temperatures, but still rather dry.


Rains stayed south of the county this week, and it doesn’t look promising for any very soon. Most corn is tasseling and is ready for fungicide, with some gray leaf spot and northern leaf blight showing up. A couple of guys had wheat this year, and it looked pretty good. The 165th Mercer County Fair runs July 10-14. Visit for an event lineup.


The southern part of the county had some unexpected rain Thursday, along with some more general rain earlier in the week. I had some tassels showing on the 25th, about the earliest I can recall. Pollination is going to face some extremely high temperatures. We have been fighting Japanese beetles on our apple trees and blueberries for a couple weeks. They are on the edges of soybean fields and will have to be watched for clipping corn silks soon.


After a hot weekend, plentiful rain finally fell over the area. Two- to 4-inch amounts will get the corn tasseling. Wind flattened some corn to the east of the county. We should be seeing tassels on the first of July. Some forecasts are predicting very hot conditions for pollination. There is a lot of grain storage being built this summer. Just a few I know of total more than 2.5 million bushels.