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Mercer County

Ken Reinhardt

Ken Reinhardt farms near Seaton in Mercer County.


It is snowing hard tonight (Thursday) with two inches predicted, a fitting end to the CropWatcher season. I have one field of corn left, under 100 acres. There are a few beans left around. Corn yields are less than last year when we were second in the state behind Warren county which was third in the nation. I would expect our average to come in a bit below the state average this year due to some pretty dry growing conditions for parts of the county.


Just some showers Tuesday to slow harvest. Soybeans are rapidly disappearing and most producers have finished them. My guess is corn is down to the last 25 percent. Downed corn is slowing some progress. River elevators have just returned to normal operations after weeks of high-water trouble.


Another good week of harvest weather. It wasn’t so good if you needed to deliver to the river, though, as barge traffic was just beginning to move. Both river elevators were able to take some soybeans Friday, but normal operations will not be for a while yet. I finished soybeans Tuesday.


It was a nice, dry harvest week. Soybeans are being cut after a long time away from them. The Mississippi is still too high for navigation. River terminals are getting full, and it will be late in the week before any barges can get here.