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Mercer County

Ken Reinhardt

Ken Reinhardt farms near Seaton in Mercer County.


Rain midweek was a bust. Radar estimates that showed .3 of an inch of rain were closer to a trace. We still can't complain, as there is more rain in the forecast and, for the most part, crops are looking good. Soybeans are being post-sprayed, but the last planted are trying to emerge in some pretty dry dirt.


Another dry week good for spraying and haying. It is going to be hot and breezy during the weekend, but there should be enough soil moisture available to crops for a while. There was some soybean replanting going on to beef up poor stands due to crusting. Thursday evening, I enjoyed visiting with a native of Mercer County who said his copy of FarmWeek gets read every Monday by several other Illinois natives at his job with the USDA in Washington on every Monday.


Not much rain for the week. Soybean planting is finished and most are emerged. Sidedressing and post-emerge spraying of corn, along with hay making, is what's happening now. Both grain elevators on the Mississippi closed this week due to high water.


It was dry enough Thursday for soybean planting to resume, and most will finish during the holiday weekend. Emerged crops could sure use some heat and sunshine. They are somewhat behind for the time of the season. The 30-day precipitation map shows the western part of the county as being the driest part of the waterlogged state.