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Mercer County

Ken Reinhardt

Ken Reinhardt farms near Seaton in Mercer County.


Four to 5 inches of rain for the week held up much harvest activity. The forecast does look dry for a good stretch, though. The Mississippi River is in major flood stage, shutting down elevators and barge traffic for quite some time. I am close to half done with harvest.


Just a couple showers during the week made for good harvest progress. It was fit to cut beans a couple of days. Forecast looks awfully wet for a while. The 114-day corn was testing 16 percent moisture the first of October. Pretty hard to believe.


Another round of severe storms blew through Tuesday. There were some wind gusts and around a half-inch of rain. There is some downed corn, but we missed the worst of the windstorms. Corn moisture is running from 14 to 27 percent, which is pretty amazing for September. My later maturity beans are yielding well, having taken advantage of the late rain we finally got.


A severe storm blew through Tuesday with wind and up to an 1 ½ inches of rain. Most rain amounts were much less, and harvest was not delayed for long. Yields in this area are varied, from poor to exceptional depending on soil type and rainfall received.