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Mercer County

Ken Reinhardt

Ken Reinhardt farms near Seaton in Mercer County.


Wednesday's storms brought a trace to more than 1 inch of rain through the county. Emerged crops had a bad day with blowing dirt and cornstalks in 50 mph wind. There is not any widespread replanting here, as in some areas. Soybean planting is winding down, and post-emergence spraying of corn has begun.


Planters got rolling during the weekend through Wednesday morning when storms moved in. I had 1.3 in the center of the county. Most of the corn is planted now, and what was planted right before the big rain and cold temperatures is starting to emerge after two and a half weeks. There will need to be lots of stand counting in the next week.


No planting progress since last report. Rain amounted to around 3 inches. One morning was quite frosty, and temperatures were in the 40s much of the time. With some of the corn hybrids having cold germination as low as 60 percent, there are going to be some disappointing stands and replanting. A friend in the seed business told me he found corn planting progress noticeably varies by age group regardless of number of acres. The more seasoned producers didn't plant ahead of the lousy forecast.


There has been around 1 inch of rain so far with more to come on the weekend (April 29-30). Cold temperatures are going to test germination on the recently planted corn. The first-planted corn has emerged and is looking very good. Several fields of soybeans have been planted.