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Mercer County

Ken Reinhardt

Ken Reinhardt farms near Seaton in Mercer County.


Rain amounts for the week ranged from more than 4 inches in Rock Island County to .4 in southwest Mercer County. There was a band of severe hail with heavy rain to the north. There will be some hurting corn with the upcoming upper 90-degree temperatures where rainfall has been sparse.


It was a dry week. Corn has been rolling during the day no matter what the temperature is where rains have missed. The driest spots have a silvery color where it is really hurting. It was about the same this time last year, so it can go either way yet. The earliest soybeans are closing 15-inch rows now.


There were many pop-up showers last week. The northeast part of the county received torrential downpours and flooding Thursday. Most of my fields are on the dry side yet. May will go out as the warmest ever, better for the crops than having a warmest July by far. Post-spraying of corn is about completed.


Not much rain for the week. I have seen a couple soybean fields just get planted. Most beans have emerged and are having some bean leaf beetle feeding. Post-spraying of corn is starting and early planted beans will be needing the same soon.