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Mercer County

Ken Reinhardt

Ken Reinhardt farms near Seaton in Mercer County.


Rain came a bit too late for most crops Wednesday night. I had 1.5 inches of rain around the southern part of the county, close to 4 inches in the middle of the county and close to 6 inches up in Rock Island County. Very little harvest has taken place with the earliest corn more than 25 percent and mid-group 2 beans just getting fit to cut. First yield reports are better than last year.


Another dry week and no rain in the forecast. Right here, we had enough to make a bean crop, but there are more spots that missed rains lately and farmers are worried about their beans. Corn is yield-checking pretty good, but is behind on maturity. Corn planted April 23 has had 2,484 GDDs so far. Frost is still a concern here for both crops.


Rain was very spotty early in the week. I had a couple of tenths on most of my fields, but an inch or two on a couple more. After watching harvest at the Half-Century of Progress and Farm Progress shows, it puts you in high gear for harvest preparations.


I had more than an inch of rain early last week. There was less in Rock Island County, and Henry County had more variable amounts. Soybeans should really benefit from the moisture. There is talk of corn harvest in a couple of weeks. I attended another excellent GROWMARK annual meeting in Chicago.