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Mercer County

Ken Reinhardt

Ken Reinhardt farms near Seaton in Mercer County.


I had .6 to .9 of an inch of rain early in the week. Storms are expected late in the week. Early maturity soybeans are just starting to turn, so moisture may be too late for some crops. Corn that has died prematurely is likely to not be standing by harvest. A yield survey in neighboring Henry County had estimated yields ranging from 114 to 261 bushels with 107 samples.


I had a tenth or two of rain for the week. More fell in other areas, with up to an 1 ½ inches in Henry County to the east. It will soon be too late for rain to help the corn crop, but the soybeans could sure benefit from moisture.


Rain fell last week, but it was lightest where it was needed the most. Where I got .3 of an inch, soybeans were showing stress again by that afternoon. Corn is racing toward maturity. I saw a picture of corn that had black layered in western Illinois already.


Just a trace of rain for the week. The July precipitation map shows lower Mercer County and western Henderson County with a half-inch for the month, which was the driest spot in the state. Yield checks I have heard range from 180 to more than 300 bushels depending on where rain fell. There will be corn harvested right after Labor Day.