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Jacob Streitmatter

Jacob Streitmatter farms near Princeville and raises corn and soybeans.


Nice, warm week across the area. Corn is progressing very well, and with the moisture last week, we should get through pollination just fine. Soybeans are starting to set pods. Japanese beetles are still a problem in some fields.


Rains moved across the area, bringing around 3 inches of rain total. Corn is starting to pollinate, and soybeans are blooming and setting pods. Rain has really perked up this crop, and it is looking good. I was building a shed, but one storm gave it a direct hit and left it in a pile of rubble. At least all my corn is still standing, that I can see. In the words of my daughter, "Daddy, you know you should build it out of brick."


Hot, dry weather has returned. Crops look good so far. There are scattered tassels in the early-planted corn. Japanese beetles are becoming an issue in soybeans. My beetles are safe until my Rogator sprayer gets fixed!


Scattered rain fell across the area. Corn and soybeans look good. Thursday morning’s storm brought wind and no rain. There is some green snap on a few hybrids. Spraying is coming to an end for a little while. Japanese beetles are making their appearance. Hopefully, they don't become a problem.