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Jacob Streitmatter

Jacob Streitmatter farms near Princeville and raises corn and soybeans.


A nice week has allowed corn to get replanted and soybeans planted. Corn planted April 20ish cannot be even close to a bumper crop. Too much stand has been lost, in my opinion. I replanted enough corn for this year, so let's hope the second time is better. Nobody likes tearing out fields of corn.


Finally, some drier weather. Corn planting resumed last Monday (May 8) with conditions marginal, but the calendar basically gave us no choice with more rain in the forecast. Rain totals were around .5 of an inch to a little more. First-planted corn is starting to poke out of ground, and we can now start to evaluate the stand to see how much needs replanted. There have already been some fields of corn torn up around my area. The old saying, “Plant in the dust your bins will bust” -- there is no dust now.


Unfortunately, the forecast was correct. Big rains fell across the area, dumping anywhere from 4 inches to around 7 inches total for the weekend (April 29-30). Crop conditions are downright terrible -- 100 percent saturated soil for more than four days with no sunshine and downright cold weather. Reports of frost on some roofs one day. At this point, it is anybody’s guess as to how much of the corn will have to be replanted. There is also more rain in the forecast. My guess is that close to two-thirds of the corn crop was planted in the area. This time next week, we should have a handle on the crop loss.


Nice weather across the area allowed a lot of corn and some soybeans to get planted last week. Rain chased corn planters out of the fields Wednesday morning. My total rainfall as of Thursday night was around .8 of an inch and the temperature is 45 degrees. Calling for more rain and colder temps. We shall see what happens. Until next week, stay warm.