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Pulaski County

Ken Taake

Ken Taake farms with his brothers in the rolling hills and creek bottoms of Pulaski County in extreme Southern Illinois. They produce corn, soybeans, and wheat. Ken is among four original Cropwatchers still reporting.


A hot, dry week is in the books for 2018. I hope to have finished spraying our double-crop soybeans by the time you read this report. Fungicide is starting to be applied to the early planted corn. With the heat and rain of the past weeks, everything is growing rapidly, but as usual, in July we could use another rain every week. Have a safe week.


After strong storms the night of June 28, the rain has held off. We received 1.25 inches of rain and a lot of wind. Wet weather really put us behind in our soybean post-spraying. Although we finished our full-season soybeans last week, the weed size was much larger than label. Crops have plenty of moisture, which is sure to help with the high temperatures last week. I hope it helps the corn, which is pollinating. Please take time to stay safe.


What a wet week! More than 5 inches of rain. With rain almost every day, fieldwork has been very limited. Crops (and weeds) are growing rapidly with all the rain and heat. I saw a field of corn starting to pollinate. Any wheat yet to harvested will probably have quality problems. Please have a safe week.


The weather allowed us to finish our rye harvest and plant our double-crop soybeans. We received about 0.6 of an inch of rain Thursday. It was great for the growing crops, but we could use more. Corn was rolling in the heat before the showers. Crop maturity is really spread out. I have seen corn from a foot tall to tassel and soybeans from just planted to closing rows on 15-inch spacing. Take time to have a safe week.