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Pulaski County

Ken Taake

Ken Taake farms with his brothers in the rolling hills and creek bottoms of Pulaski County in extreme Southern Illinois. They produce corn, soybeans, and wheat. Ken is among four original Cropwatchers still reporting.


Another week of hot and dry with no rain. Crops have had another week of more stress. Lack of rain is really starting to show up in corn and soybeans with the corn rolling in the hot temperatures in the mid- to upper-90s. Humidity has been high, which has really made it uncomfortable for man and animal. Please take time to be careful in this hot weather.


Hot and dry pretty much sums up the weather here on our farm in deep southern Illinois. We missed showers Thursday night. Fungicide has been applied to our late corn, and we finished spraying our late soybeans. Weed escapes are starting to show up in early beans, and it makes the fields look ratty. It is frustrating as always. Please take time to be careful next week.


We had about 1.25 inches of rain Tuesday night through Thursday. It was really a lifesaver -- we really needed the rain. Corn is looking good and has nice color, and it is tall enough that you don’t see the thin spots out through the field. Early corn has tasseled, while our late-planted corn probably should start tasseling by the end of the next week. Soybeans are highly variable. We replanted more beans this year than I can remember. I’ve seen a lot of late-planted soybeans, so the weather through the rest of the summer will really tell how they turn out. Please take time to have a safe week.


No report this week.