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Pulaski County

Ken Taake

Ken Taake farms with his brothers in the rolling hills and creek bottoms of Pulaski County in extreme Southern Illinois. They produce corn, soybeans, and wheat. Ken is among four original Cropwatchers still reporting.


We finished corn harvest Oct. 19 before we were rained out. We received 0.6 inches of rain later that day, which kept us out of the field until Monday. After a few good days, we are up to about 80 percent finished with soybeans. Although we had better weather for harvest last week, it seems there are still a lot of crops in the fields. Take time to have a safe week.


On and off showers slowed harvest progress this week. We are down to about 20 acres of corn, which we hope to finish Friday (Oct. 19) morning if the rain holds off. We are more than 60 percent finished with soybeans. Some wheat has been sown in the area. Hopefully, the weather will be better for harvest next week. Remember to take time to stay safe!


Harvest continues at full speed here in deep southern Illinois. We missed most of the rain and had only one day that we could not cut soybeans. Some are finished with corn. We are down to less than 200 acres of corn left to harvest. Soybean harvest is progressing. It always seems to go slower than it should, but more fields are empty every day. Yields continue to be variable, depending on summer rainfall. Take time to be safe in this busy season.


Harvest is back in full swing. After more than 5 1/2 inches of rain from Sept. 21-28, we managed to get back into corn Sept. 29. We were back in soybeans Tuesday. We are about 60 percent finished with our corn harvest, but only about 20 percent with soybeans. Yields have so far been good but not record-breaking. Yields I have heard in our area seem to be highly variable, depending on the summer rains. Have a safe week.