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Pulaski County

Ken Taake

Ken Taake farms with his brothers in the rolling hills and creek bottoms of Pulaski County in extreme Southern Illinois. They produce corn, soybeans, and wheat. Ken is among four original Cropwatchers still reporting.


We have not been in the field since my last report. A few acres have been planted in drier areas and under less-than-ideal conditions. As I send in this report Thursday evening, we have had light rain and drizzle most of the day. While there’s not much accumulation, it just adds to already wet conditions. With more rain forecast for the weekend, I don't know when we will be able to get into the field. Please have a safe week.


Another wet week. We managed to get into the field Tuesday and that was it. Rain started again Wednesday morning, and it rained all day Thursday with a total of more than 2.5 inches. With more rainfall in the forecast for the weekend and all next week, it will definitely be a late planting season in this part of Illinois. Hopefully, things will go smoothly when we do get into the field. Have a safe week.


And the rain goes on! After .9 last Thursday (April 11), we received another 1.4 inches during the weekend. And it’s raining as I send in this report with almost 2 inches today (April 18). Needless to say, there has been no fieldwork since my last
report. I think our soil moisture is "adequate" for at least a while, and it would be nice to get into the field. I almost forgot to mention that we had low temperatures in the upper 20s one morning last week. At least the rain has everything looking green. Please take time to stay safe when we do get into the fields.


It is raining again as I write this report with more in the forecast for the weekend. We received less rain last weekend than was expected, so some fieldwork was done. Some corn was planted Wednesday and Thursday. I have heard approximately 20,000 acres are still underwater in the river bottoms of Alexander County. We have not planted any corn. Although since we farm hills, we do not have to worry about the river. Take time to be safe in this busy season.