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Pulaski County

Ken Taake

Ken Taake farms with his brothers in the rolling hills and creek bottoms of Pulaski County in extreme Southern Illinois. They produce corn, soybeans, and wheat. Ken is among four original Cropwatchers still reporting.


Welcome to the 2019 crop year. It has started out cool and wet in our part of southern Illinois. Very little fieldwork has been done. We managed to get our dry fertilizer applied, which was delayed from last fall because of wet weather. That and cleaning around some field borders is all the fieldwork we have managed to get done. Some anhydrous has been applied, and some spraying has been done. We just had a light rain, with more in the forecast for the weekend, so it doesn't sound good for the near-term. I know it is early, but everyone is ready to get started. Please take time to be careful as we approach this busy season.


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Rain Friday and Saturday (Oct. 26-27) kept us out of the field until Monday. We were fortunate to have good enough conditions to finish our soybean harvest by Tuesday night (more accurately Wednesday morning) before rain started again. We have received more than 4 inches since then, so I do not know when fieldwork can resume. It sure feels good to be finished with harvest. Time to start working on next year. Most of our cover crop of cereal rye has been planted and ready to think about fertilizer for next year. Please take time to be careful this week.


We finished corn harvest Oct. 19 before we were rained out. We received 0.6 inches of rain later that day, which kept us out of the field until Monday. After a few good days, we are up to about 80 percent finished with soybeans. Although we had better weather for harvest last week, it seems there are still a lot of crops in the fields. Take time to have a safe week.