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Saline County

Randy Anderson

Randy Anderson grows corn, soybeans and wheat on his farm near Galatia. He also operates a small cow/calf herd.


Sorry for no report last week. I was trying to finish sidedressing my corn. Overall, I'm satisfied with it other than some holes in the last few fields. But it's too late to spot them in. Soybeans are another story. Stands have been very difficult, to say the least. Been doing a lot of spotting in. Our friendly neighborhood weeds are rearing their heads. Take your pick -- pigweed, waterhemp, Palmer and the list goes on. So, next is spray detail to try to control weeds before they get more than 4 inches tall. Went up to the FFA convention on U.S. Route 51 and Illinois Route 29, and my impression was the crop is in the so-so category. A lot of corn had been replanted. Bean stands were good in some spots and not in others. The one main thing that stood out was the need for rain!


No report this week.


Spotty rains fell last week. Some got anything from a sprinkle to .5 of an inch of rain a couple times. Corn looks good, but some fields have problems. Mainly some thin stands in some parts, or April corn and mid-May corn in the same field. Hay making is starting to pick up. I have been hearing slugs are a problem in some spots in no-till beans that went into rye. Just seems like it's always something!


Some parts of the county received heavy rains, but others hardly any rain at all. Sidedressing and some post-spraying of corn with bean planting where it is dry enough. I have a few acres that might need hoeing from the past week’s rain. Tried some rye this year as a cover crop. From what I’ve seen so far, we’ll be using more of it next year.