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Saline County

Randy Anderson

Randy Anderson grows corn, soybeans and wheat on his farm near Galatia. He also operates a small cow/calf herd.


We you could say the furnace is cranked up. Most the week was in the 90s, with the heat index around 100 degrees. Corn is very uneven in parts of the county. Soybeans are the same with some fields yet to be planted. Rainfall is all over the board, parts still too wet to finish to some beans that will never come up till they get a rain. Post-spraying is cranking up on beans, trying to stay ahead of resistant weeds before they get too big.


Finished up bean planting June 8. Now onto some replant beans. Got all the corn sidedressed this week, too. Now starting to post-spray our early planted beans. The robo weeds are coming on like gangbusters. Crop conditions are all over the board, but mostly in the fair condition to some that is poor, with some good parts. Wheat harvest has started! Lots of haymaking took place, too. Tonnage is running a little lighter I think because of the cool spring!


As another week goes by, planting just lags on. Spotty showers to heavy rains keep delaying bean planting. Corn is all over the board from excellent to some that there not much hope for because the clock is running out. I would estimate 40 percent or more of the beans are left to plant. And the ones that are planted have holes in them and need replanting!


The week ended with a rainout and looks like this week, too. Some parts of the area are so dry that beans lay in dry dirt waiting on a rain. Corn planting is mostly done, with beans around 60 percent. Critters of the week are armyworms and black cutworms. Most guys are spraying them. The other thing is some chemical injuries on soybeans from splash up from the rains where beans had just emerged. Most of the corn looks good. A lot of sidedressing took place last week.