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Saline County

Randy Anderson

Randy Anderson grows corn, soybeans and wheat on his farm near Galatia. He also operates a small cow/calf herd.


Well, we went from being so wet that you couldn't drive across the fields to some fields like a concrete parking lot. Most corn planting is reaching the home stretch and moving on to beans. If we don't get some rain during the weekend, the planters might have to come to a stop. Corn I planted the past week was up in six days.


Finally got a week of some dry weather. Fields are what I call “touch and go,” meaning dry spots, but wet ones, too. Sidedressed my April corn, and the stand has really struggled. But I guess I’d be in a struggle if I had 16 inches rained on me, too. The week is going to be busy, so be careful out there!


The weather came through with the forecast last week. We received anywhere from as little as 7 inches to some areas around 13 inches of rain. More rain in three days than the area had since the first of year, and as much rain as we will need for the next three or four months. So, no fieldwork, but plenty of road repairs from all the flooding rains. A lot of acres in the county that were planted and up are underwater, so there will be a significant amount of replanting in the county. The mood in the neighborhood is not very upbeat. In most areas, we are seven to 10 days out before we can get back in the field.


Well, as another week goes by, no planting in the county. I did a little spraying midweek on bean ground. The ridges were almost dry, but the draws had water standing. Had 1.6 to 1.9 inches of rain this week so far, and 3 to 5 inches is projected for this weekend (April 28-30). So, with any rain that falls, more than likely no planting this week either.