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Randy Anderson

Randy Anderson grows corn, soybeans and wheat on his farm near Galatia. He also operates a small cow/calf herd.


Well, no rain for the past week, but plenty of roasting temps. Corn is showing stress on the hill ground, and the most critical thing is, it's finishing pollination. Southern rust was reported in Franklin County Thursday. Hearing that, we are in corn scouting mode hot and heavy. Beans are loving the heat and are starting to look pretty decent. Stay safe - the heat can take it out of you.


As the crop was starting to take a downturn like the Board of Trade, we finally received an inch of rain Thursday night. First good rain in more than 10 days. Most corn is in full tassel, so the next few days are very critical that it cools down. Along with no rain, the temps were in the mid-90's and a heat index in the 100s. There have been some dicamba talk, but most are not saying much because if we lose this tool in the toolbox, there are almost no good options left other than a garden hoe, and I don't see very many rush out to use one. Go out to the local fairs and support our youth. They’re our future!


I would consider it a mild week down south. Scattered rain through the week - some got nice showers and some got a dozen drops. Just depended on where you were. May corn is starting to show a few tassels. Late group II and early IIIs are at R2 to R3, so going to keep an eye on a few acres and try some fungicide on them. Keeping a watch on some scouting in Arkansas, Tennessee, and Missouri for southern rust because our corn was devastated last year.


Had a great rain last week from the tropical storm. We received from 2 to 3 inches out of it. Corn has really shot up. Some beans look good, but some look like they’re just not doing anything. Struggling and just not very good plant development. Have a wonderful Fourth.